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April 2015

Good Day

So, I'll start with negative. I'm still sick, I'm slightly behind on science for school, and the worst one: I lost 42000 words yesterday due to an update and my dad spent an hour and a half (thanks! you're amazing... Continue Reading →


So, good morning! I went to bed not feeling great and woke up sick. I didn't have much sleep last night. Things I need to do today while being sick: write 5,000 words min. for Camp NaNo, do and come... Continue Reading →

Unedited Book Chapter 1 part 2

Here is the next part of the story: Meryl awoke. Devin was nudging her awake. They were still bound and gagged. It was just past dawn, so she had been asleep an hour or so. Her dream hadn't been about... Continue Reading →


Just had to say, I've made 101 pages in my unedited first draft of my novel!

Unedited Book Chapter 1 part 1

Who's ready for the beginning? Remember, this is unedited first draft, and I'm hoping to improve by comments, thanks! Here it is:   Meryl lifted her sword from its resting place at the foot of her sleeping mat. She lifted... Continue Reading →

Day two!

We'll I made it to day two! I'm going to give up on the post a day thing, at least for the beginning, and do maybe two. In my Camp NaNoWriMo I'm at 37,000 words out of fifty and have... Continue Reading →

Unedited Book Prologue

So, I was going to try to not double post, but it's the first day, so hey! Here I have my unedited book prologue. Here goes: Clive picked up his fallen sword from the ground. He walked over to where... Continue Reading →

Hello all!

Hi everybody! My name is Alyssa and I'm a Christian teen and a student of home (aka home schooled). I'm an avid reader and dream to be a Christian author like C.S. Lewis, Jessie Mae Hodsdon, and Bryan Davis to... Continue Reading →

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