So, I was going to try to not double post, but it’s the first day, so hey! Here I have my unedited book prologue. Here goes:

Clive picked up his fallen sword from the ground. He walked over to where his wife stood, she too had a sword in hand. They gazed over the battle field. It had only lasted half an hour, but it felt like days. Most of the enemy lay dead, a few escaped the hideous wrath that had gone on, but they wouldn’t be a problem, the scouts would follow them and they could be quickly dealt with.
“Do you think they’ll be okay?” Clive’s wife, Sophie, asked as she wiped sweat from her face.
She wasn’t talking about the enemy, and even though she couldn’t say their names for fear of them being hunted down, Clive knew exactly who she was talking about.
He took Sophie’s hand in his. “They’ll be fine. If they’re anything like you, they could survive hundreds of armies if need be. But I doubt anything like that could happen, we took the extra precautions.”
She looked doubtful but nodded. “I guess. We should catch up to Eldred.” She ran off too where their allies were heading.
Clive caught up to Sophie and the small army that accompanied them. Even though he and his wife were both fifty, they were very athletic and strong, that’s why King Eldred had asked them to help with this special mission. ‘No one would expect two peasants’ Eldred had said. The other reason was that Sophie was his niece and he knew she loved adventure.
Eldred was only ten years older, but he had developed a disease. The disease took only older people who were weak. The king wasn’t weak when he developed the disease, in fact he was quite healthy and fit. That was what worried Clive, so he used young, healthy messengers and contacted the king saying that he and Sophie would find the cure in a distant land, and it would help because Sophie was the village healer and could find an herb in a jungle. The king only would agree if they would have an army accompany them. Both men agreed.
Now Clive and Sophie were traveling to find a place where different realities and time streams connected. It was a near impossible mission, which was why they loved it.

Hours later they stumbled upon a lone village.
Clive walked up to a man. “Sir, do you know of any… any mysterious happenings recently?”
The man leaned close. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you see that mountain there?” He pointed at a mountain on the horizon. When Clive nodded, he continued, “people disappear up there. The directions are the only ones crazy enough to venture up there. Also, a man’s been hunting for some mystery plant saying if we don’t give it up, he’ll kill us all.”
“What kind of plant?” Clive asked.
The man backed up and shrugged his shoulders. “You didn’t hear it from me.”
Sophie came up behind Clive. “Anything good?”
“Maybe. We need to head to the mountain.”
Sophie nodded. “Look!” She cried.
“What?” Clive asked putting his hand on his sword.
“Sword scabbards. You know for his special occasion he would love one,” Sophie said pointing at a merchant’s cart. Again, Sophie couldn’t use his name for fear of his safety.
“Very well,” Clive said removing his hand from his sword.
The two walked over to the merchant. “Hello, I’m Darren. What would you like?”
“A scabbard, please, Darren,” Sophie said reaching into her belt for her coin pouch.
“I have a special one for someone in the kings army, just follow me.”