Here is the next part of the story:

Meryl awoke. Devin was nudging her awake. They were still bound and gagged. It was just past dawn, so she had been asleep an hour or so. Her dream hadn’t been about a family reunion as she had hoped, instead it was of the mystery man standing over the dead bodies of her parents and brother, holding a sword and laughing at her.
Devin was gesturing with his eyes for her to look at her surroundings. They had just left farmlands and were entering a densely packed forest.
Meryl glared at her kidnapper hoping he could feel her hatred towards him. Then she looked at Devin. She was surprised to see that he had worked the gag off of his mouth. He leaned towards her and whispered, “remember what I taught you, work the rope.”
Meryl had a talent she had rendered useless. Until now. She was incredibly flexible, including her hands and wrists. She wriggled her hands trying to get free, but to no prevail.
Working the poorly tied gag, Meryl managed to speak. “Sorry, they’re too tight.”
Devin nodded. He leaned his head against Meryl’s. “At least we had each other to the end.”
Meryl’s eyes teared up. She tried to hold back words and a huge sob so the man wouldn’t become suspicious.
The horse and cart stopped with a jerk.
This is it, Meryl thought. She was normally brave, strong willed, and loyal. But now her heart melted. Her braveness was gone. Her only source of strength was that her brother was with her. He always had been, right until the end.
“Get up.” the man sneered.
The two struggled to stand. He picked them up and dropped them on the ground.
The teens struggled to walk while bound. They continued this way for a couple yards.
“Stop. Sit,” their kidnapper ordered as he pulled his sword from a scabbard hidden under his cloak.
Meryl sat with Devin. She was determined to look into the man’s eyes while he carried out their execution. Maybe he would feel guilty years from now. Maybe on his death bed he’d see her pair of brown eyes staring at him.
“One thing,” she said slipping off her gag with a nod of her head.
“What might that be?”
“I want to know my executioners name.”
“Darren. Tell that name when it’s your time to be judged.” With that he readied himself for their final blow.
Just as he was about to swing he stopped. His sword dropped noiselessly on the leaf covered ground. A sharp blood covered object protruded from Darren’s abdomen as he fell along side his sword. Behind him stood a man, not quite as tall as Darren. He jerked the sword out of the fallen man.