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May 2015

Writers Quotes

Here are some writing quotes I found. I hope you find them inspiring. "If you wait for inspiration then you're not a writer you're a waiter." Dan Poynter "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." Richard Bach "This... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

One thing to keep in mind on this holiday is that it's not about having a day off of school or work, having a picnic with friends or family, or in my neighborhood's case the pool opening. It's about remembering... Continue Reading →

Book part V

And here is the next part of the story: “Close your eyes,” Joseph commanded. Noelle obeyed. She felt Joseph slip his hand into her's. He lead her for a few steps then halted. Noelle could see another brilliant flash through... Continue Reading →

Character Names

This is slightly off topic, but oh well. So we have three young foster kids, who we hope to adopt within a year, and they have weird middle names. The little girl's is Denali (which I love), the oldest boy... Continue Reading →


So two days ago I did fine with school testing. The first day we did pretty much half our work, all language. Yesterday we finished. I always finish way before the time runs out. But on math I had one... Continue Reading →


So today through Thursday I'm taking school testing. I'm surprisingly not to nervous about it. I also have my ballet quiz Thur. night, which is a lot of french terms that are all confusing even though I've taken that test... Continue Reading →


I posted an extra post just to show this unrelated to anything cat picture. Isn't it so cute? But I wouldn't say that's what matters most, but it is kinda true. Bye and it's a good night here!

Titles? The link is kind of interesting. As I was reading this I thought 'what about Bibleman?' but I guess it's just a show, not real life (does anyone remember Bibleman?). Anyways, I'll get to the topic in my title.... Continue Reading →

Book part IV

Here's the next part: “And why not?” Noelle asked. “This is a sacred place,” the man replied, stopping a few feet from the two. Noelle could now see the mystery man. He was average height with pale skin and shaggy... Continue Reading →

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