I kinda gave up on retrieving my other book. Here’s a new one (I wrote it all while constantly replaying God Made Girls:)  :

   Noelle walked into her home and to her room. She picked out some clean clothes and walked to the small house’s only bathroom. Noelle peeled off her wet bathing suit and stepped into a cold shower. She had spent the hot Florida day at the beach and now she was ready to curl up on her bed with a good book.
When she had finished in her shower and had brushed her hair into a ponytail and sat on her bed nervously glancing out of the window.
   Recently Noelle had her suspicions of being stalked. She had seen shifting shadows wherever she went; today on the beach she finally decided that she was going to tell her parents. Noelle had prayed that the police would catch him, or that he would disappear altogether, but so far God had done nothing yet.
   Noelle glanced outside. She saw a shifting shadow in the evening sun. Quickly looking away she closed the curtains. Instead of reading her book Noelle turned on her small TV to a Christian station; another report of the mysterious disappearance.
   A knock on the front door interrupted the program. Thinking her dad had forgotten the key again Noelle went to the front door and opened it.
   “Dad-” Noelle stopped when she saw who was standing in her presence.
   A tanned teen boy with close cropped black hair and brown eyes stood at the door. He wore black jeans  and a bright red shirt  under a black jacket. “Hello,” he said. “Can I come in?”
   Before Noelle could object the mystery boy walked in and sat on the couch in the center of the living room.
   “And who are you?” Noelle asked, closing the door. “Do I know you?”
   “Phoenix. You don’t know me, but I’ve seen you around,” the teen said.
   Things clicked in Noelle’s head. “You’re the stalker?” Noelle asked moving as far away as possible.
   “Don’t worry about me harming you or anything,” Phoenix said seeing her movement. “And I wouldn’t call it stalking, just caring in the shadows.”
   “And why would you be caring?” Noelle asked. She now inched towards her room.
   “It’s complicated,” Phoenix said as he straightened his jacket.
   Noelle was now almost to her bedroom doorway. As soon as her fingertips touched the door frame she darted inside. She ran straight towards her bed and lifted the mattress where she kept her handgun.
   Noelle walked back out to the living room and aimed the gun at the intruder’s shoulder. “Why are you here?”