Last night (or you could consider it really, really early this morning) I finished Omega Dragon. Bryan Davis’s books have helped me through many things, including anxiety and possible depression. I’ve been reading his series for years, ever since my sister was in a homeschool literature class with this book and I was bored so I thought dragons! I love dragons! I cried at the end because this beloved series had come to an end.

It had a beautiful ending, perfect in fact. But now it is time to start over and read Raising Dragons, knowing all the tasks and trials the characters must face and concur, and knowing how the all the chapters (hehe! Literally!) of their lives end.

These twelve books Bryan Davis has written are amazing and are sure to bring generations joy while reading these books. I can only hope that if I get any of my books publicized that they will have at least a fraction of the effect that the DIOM series had.

In short, Bryan Davis is an inspiring writer that helped me, and many others, through difficult times in our lives.