So here’s the next part of the story:

   Phoenix glanced at the gun, but didn’t seem alarmed. “I was sent.”
   “By whom?” Noelle asked steadying her hands.
   “Why should I tell you?” Phoenix asked, a smug smile spread across his face.
   “Because I’m the one pointing a gun at you,” Noelle stated.
   “So I’ve noticed. I’ll bet you that your gun has no ammo,” Phoenix said. “Tell me I’m wrong.”
   “You’re wrong,” Noelle said, though now her hand started to slightly shake.
   “Then shoot me,” Phoenix said calmly.
   Noelle slowly lowered the gun. Her dad had trained her in using the handgun and it was registered, but she never had ammo actually in it. “What do you want?”
   “I want you to come with me. I need your help,” Phoenix said standing up.
   “With what?” Noelle asked suspiciously.
   “You’ll find out,” Phoenix said. “Follow me.”
   The boy went to the door but didn’t move after that. Noelle thought. This was the boy who had been stalking her, but she had been praying for an adventure and this would be her golden opportunity.
   “Give me just a moment.” Noelle jogged back to her room. She pulled open a drawer on her dresser and got some ammunition for her gun, then went back to Phoenix.
   “Ready?” Phoenix asked putting his hand on the door knob.
   Noelle nodded. Phoenix opened the door and took off the street without hesitation. Noelle locked and then closed the door and followed the strange boy. The followed some sidewalks, walked a few beaches, then headed down an alley.
   It was at the entrance to the alley that Noelle really started to doubt her decision to follow along. Lord, help me make the right decision.
   “Are you coming?” Phoenix asked, now enveloped in darkness.
   If Noelle was one thing, it would be adventurous. “Coming.”
   Noelle held her gun and walked into the dark area. She had gone maybe twenty feet when a warm hand grasped her upper right arm.
   “Keep going,” Phoenix whispered.
   “How did you get behind me?” Noelle asked taking a slow step forwards.
   “That doesn’t matter. Just close your eyes and keep walking,” Phoenix said. His grip relaxed slightly, but still had a tight hold of her.
   Noelle took another step. Since there was barely any light she closed her eyes. She took another step forwards, then another.
   She continued this process until Phoenix whispered, “You can open your eyes. We’re here.”