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“And why not?” Noelle asked.
“This is a sacred place,” the man replied, stopping a few feet from the two.
Noelle could now see the mystery man. He was average height with pale skin and shaggy blonde hair. He appeared to be in his forties, but with his active, yet wise brown eyes it was hard to tell.
“You aren’t suppose to be back yet,” Phoenix said, apparently now finding his voice.
“So you thought you’d invite a girl over did you now?”
“Actually-” Phoenix started.
“No, I don’t want to hear it.” The man turned towards Noelle. “What did you and Atticus do? His idea of an ideal date is to rob an occupied home,” the man said.
“Who’s Atticus?” Noelle asked.
“I’m Atticus,” Phoenix said hanging his head. “The man is Joseph, my mentor.”
“You didn’t even tell her your name?” Joseph asked with a laugh. “My dear, you chose poorly. Where are you from anyways?”
“Florida,” Noelle supplied, though she was not about to tell which area.
Joseph raised an eyebrow. “An Earth girl?”
“She can help,” Phoenix cried.
“Can she now? How might you be able to, Noelle?” Joseph asked towering over Noelle’s short frame.
“Phoenix was just about to tell me until you interrupted,” Noelle said. Phoenix flinched when she said his name.
“Phoenix?” Joseph asked. “I thought that we burned all of those identification?”
“We did.”
“Then how did you get past Oswald?”
“I drugged him.”
“You drugged our best guard for a girl?” Joseph asked enraged.
“But she’s not just a girl! She’s a guardian!” Phoenix cried.
Noelle watched the two bicker, having no idea what they were fighting about.
“My dear, do you know about anything that we are talking about?” Joseph asked, temporarily stopping the argument.
“Not a clue,” Noelle responded.
“That’s for the best,” Joseph said. “This was a mistake, allow me to escort you home.”
“Okay,” Noelle said. “Good bye Phoenix, God bless you.”
“He needs plenty of blessings,” Joseph mumbled under his breath. Speaking louder he addressed Noelle. “If you would come with me I will take you home now.”
“Okay.” Noelle allowed herself to be led back up the hill. She stole a look over her shoulder and saw Phoenix’s crestfallen face.