So two days ago I did fine with school testing. The first day we did pretty much half our work, all language. Yesterday we finished. I always finish way before the time runs out. But on math I had one question left and the timer beeped. I freaked out. I had some kind of breakdown and couldn’t do social studies until later.

Anyways, next week is our last week of school! I love school, but it’s always exciting when ‘summer’ starts.

Our neighborhood does this huge yard sale (let me just say, ours is the biggest; we combine with a family friend who has triplet girls and a younger boy. Making a grand total of ten kids who grow a lot). It’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s my nine year old brother’s first time selling something at the yard sale, so everyday he counts down the days (incorrectly might I add).

Other things going on? Memorial Day weekend also hosts my dance recital. I’ve been doing different fundraisers with my youth group to go with them to camp in June. I’ve been sending and anxiously awaiting Doctor Who postcards I requested through the mail to be autographed (over the sea, could take 3+ months. Ughhhh). And finally, I’m in the middle (er, beginning) of at least three different novels I’m writing.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I don’t know about everyone else, but May is a really busy month for my family.

See ya’ll, er, type to ya’ll!