This is slightly off topic, but oh well. So we have three young foster kids, who we hope to adopt within a year, and they have weird middle names. The little girl’s is Denali (which I love), the oldest boy is Gracin, and the middle kid is Jaymes (which is the same but different spelling as my bio. brother). I’ve been scouring my names list which consists of a lot of weird names. My mom doesn’t like weird names.

Anywho, unlike titles, character names are the easiest for me to come up with. I love odd, unique names; yet not so weird that I don’t like it. In my spare time I make lists of interesting names. Some of my main characters in different stories are Genesis, Cypress, Finn, Noelle, Phoenix, Ariel (boy), and Coalton. Some of the names you don’t hear often, and others you might hear a bit. I love names which is a reason I love writing stories, I get to pick a name and then create a whole person for them.

Genesis 33:11

God has been gracious to me and I have all I need.

Have an amazing day!