And here is the next part of the story:

“Close your eyes,” Joseph commanded.
Noelle obeyed. She felt Joseph slip his hand into her’s. He lead her for a few steps then halted. Noelle could see another brilliant flash through her eyelids. Joseph once again tugged on her hand.
“You may open your eyes now,” Joseph said.
Noelle opened her eyes. She was back in the alley where she had originally left Earth. Noelle turned around to talk to Joseph, but he was gone. “Well great, now how am I going to get home.”
“Need any help, Miss?” a voice asked.
“Who’s there?” Noelle asked. She slowly walked out from the alley.
“The name’s Nathan,” the voice replied.
Once Noelle had exited the alley she saw a boy that appeared to be slightly older then herself. Nathan was leaning against the building wearing dark clothes; looking exactly the way Noelle would’ve pictured some illegal, on-the-run person.
“I asked if you needed any help. People always say that I’m great at offering assistance,” Nathan said. He stood back from the wall, revealing his true height was a few inches taller then Noelle’s.
Noelle reached for her gun, only to find it missing.
“Looking for something, sweetheart?” Nathan asked. He reached into his waistband and pulled out a handgun.
Noelle jumped and tried to back away, but hit a brick wall.
“Relax,” Nathan said, “it’s your gun.”
Nathan handed it to her and Noelle reluctantly took it. “How did you get my gun?” she asked suspiciously.
“Eh, doesn’t matter. Not really relevant anyways,” Nathan said with a wave of his hand.
“Not relevant? How is that-” Noelle was cut off mid sentence.
“Did you enjoy your trip to Siforia?” Nathan asked.
“How do you know about that?” Noelle asked, alarms once again blared danger in her mind.
“Nathan, stop freaking her out,” a familiar voice commanded.
Noelle turned to see Phoenix strolling out from the alley. “What is happening?”
“You just go home. I’ll explain another time, Joseph may still be watching,” Phoenix said.
Phoenix motioned towards the alley, then he and Nathan disappeared.
Noelle sighed. This was officially the most confusing day in her life. She then looked around at her surroundings, she thought she knew where she was.
“Wait,” Noelle said to herself. “It’s the same time as I left. What was that place? Narnia?”
Shaking her head, Noelle began walking in the direction she thought was home. After many wrong turns and countless beaches, Noelle reached her home that was within walking distance from a beach. She walked up to the small house’s front door. Noelle turned the knob and found it unlocked.
“Noelle! Where on Earth have you been!” a familiar voice called.
“Mom! It’s a long story,” Noelle said. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
“And why do you have your gun out?” Henry, her dad, questioned.
“As I said, it’s a long story,” Noelle repeated. She sat on the chair opposite to her parents.
“You owe us something. For goodness sake, you’ve been gone for nearly twenty-four hours!” Helen cried.
“Twenty-four hours! It’s been one max,” Noelle said. Fear overtook her. She ran to her room, lay on her bed, and curled into the fetal position.
“Noelle, get back out here right now!” Helen called.
Noelle ignored her mother and cried. Today had been so confusing, she just wanted to find out what was happening. Noelle moved herself to her stomach. After a few moments of her crying she began to settle down. The bed shifted under Noelle. A cool hand now rested on her exposed back.
“Noelle, sit up,” Helen said now talking gentler.