One thing to keep in mind on this holiday is that it’s not about having a day off of school or work, having a picnic with friends or family, or in my neighborhood’s case the pool opening. It’s about remembering the soldiers that fought for our country; specifically the ones who died.

Everybody, think of one thing that you couldn’t do if it hadn’t been for our brave soldiers giving their lives for us. We would still be under England’s rule, we would have no freedom, many more would have died in WWII, even now people die to stop ISIS. Even though not everyone who died due to ISIS and terrorists were soldiers it’s still good to remember them as heroes.

Just remember on this day that it’s not just a holiday, it’s a day to remember all those who died for a cause. Find time in your day to pray for all the families who had a member die for a cause.

Please keep this in mind today and pray for all the families and the people who are still fighting.