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June 2015

Picture Perfect Writing Challenge

       Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a writing contest over at C.B.'s, and I'm doing picture #3. Sorry the pic. isn't in there a whole bunch. I hope you guys enjoy! Alex took a deep breath as she glanced... Continue Reading →

Liebester Award

I had never heard of this until writefury post and included me in the chain (here's the link to her Q&A, ). So thanks writefury, this seems really cool! Anywho, onto the questions! You are given plane tickets to and from... Continue Reading →

My books arrived!

Let me start with today is my brother's tenth birthday! I tell ya he hasn't matured in the last five years! Back to the title, Resistance and The King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight just arrived! I'm so excited and... Continue Reading →

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