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July 2015

New Story

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted any of my writings recently, but I, in truth, haven't written much. At least until two days ago. I finished a lot of pages (Doctor Who soundtrack does wonders, people!). Another thing, I am... Continue Reading →

Karen Gillan

So at the beginning of this year I started looking into getting autographs in the mail (it's not as exciting as in person, but hey? I'll take what I can get!). Anyways, so I'm not sure how many of you... Continue Reading →

Half-Blood Blog Tour Interview and Review

The amazing Jaye L. Knight let me be apart of her blog tour for Half-Blood, so here we are.  Today I will be doing an interview (sorry, but it's kinda short), and a review. Let's get started, shall we? What... Continue Reading →

Bookshelf Tag

So Shantelle at A Writer's Heart did a Bookshelf Tag for everyone who wanted to, and I've always wanted to do a bookshelf one, even though my collection of books is still pretty tiny. So here we go! P.S. My room's lighting... Continue Reading →

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