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August 2015


I've started a book review blog! Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it! Here it is: readinganyone That's it, nothing else. You can stop reading now. Why are you still reading? I said you could stop. (Sorry, had... Continue Reading →

Mirrors Part III

Here's the next part! Hope you enjoy it! Please comment, I look forwards to it!! Oh, and if you haven't seen it, here's my review of The Giver over at Simi's blog, check it out!!! *note You can find the first... Continue Reading →

The Amazing You Tag

So I was "unofficially" tagged by C.B. on one of her blogs proverbs 31 teen. She created the Amazing You Tag for her second blogiversary, which I think is super awesome. So thanks, C.B.! This tag has ten questions, which... Continue Reading →


So right now I'm in a blogging mood, so here's the next part of my book. I think I may call it Mirrors, or at least for the time being. Have any title/story right now? Let me know! Questions or... Continue Reading →

Infinity Dreams Award

So hey everyone! Simi over at her blog nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award (wouldn't it be great if there actually was an award? Just saying... 🙂 ). So I'd like to thank her. Thanks Simi! Anyways, onto the rules, questions,... Continue Reading →

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