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When we got onto the doorstep Carmen knocked on the door a few times until someone answered the door.

The lady was a middle aged women. She was pretty with blonde hair tied back into a long ponytail, emerald green eyes, and tanned skin. She must have gone to a tanning bed, because nobody could get that nice of a tan in the cold, Iowa autumn weather.

“Kasey, hi. This is my nephew, Sawyer Wilson. We saw your son in the window and I thought that we ought to introduce the two,” Carmen began.

“What a great idea.” Mrs. Eaves said. She leaned back inside. “Leon! Come her for a moment!”

Pounding footsteps sounded, then Leon appeared at the door. He stood at least three inches taller then me. He had reddish blonde hair with his mother’s green eyes, yet his were buggier. He still creeped me out.

“Leon, this is Sawyer. Sawyer, this is Leon,” Mrs. Eaves introduced. “Silvia, my daughter, was with some friends, but she should be home within the hour.”

Great, another weird Eaves child.

“That’s great. I’m sure the kids will get along,” Carmen said.

I didn’t like being called a kid, but I didn’t say anything.

“Why don’t you two come in? I can whip up a snack,” Mrs. Eaves said.

“That would be nice. Sawyer loves snacks.”

I did love snacks, just not at my stalker neighbor’s house.

I reluctantly followed my aunt inside the Eaves’ house.

Once inside, Mrs. Eaves had me, Carmen, and Leon sit in the huge living room while she went into the kitchen to make a snack. She came back a few minuets later with orange juice and chocolate covered strawberries, both which I loved.

While Leon and I ate the snack, Carmen and Mrs. Eaves conversed, rarely drinking or eating anything. After nearly ten minuets, Mrs. Eaves asked her son if he wanted to take me to his room.

Leon got up and headed off into a hallway without a word. I took another strawberry, and followed him.

“My room’s in here,” Leon said, sticking his head out of a room that I had already passed.

I turned and went through the dark blue doorway. His room was adorned with nerdy things; quotes and math equations painted on the walls, Star-Wars stickers, Doctor Who models, science projects, and bookshelves stuffed to their limits.

We both stood for awhile in an awkward silence. He apparently wasn’t a very social person, then again, the way he socialized was texting someone when she didn’t even give him her number.

“So, you said you knew something about the mirror?” I asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Oh yeah, that,” Leon replied.

“ Oh yeah that? Do you or do you not?”

“I do.”

“What is it? Wait, first tell me how you got Alice’s number.”

“Okay. Simple really,” Leon said, now seemingly a little more comfortable. “Silvia, my sister, is friends with one of Alice’s friends. And while that friends was here, I took a look at her phone and entered it into mine. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes it does.” I then added quietly, “Even if it is a little disturbing.”

“You think of it as disturbing, I think of it as resourceful.”

“Fair point. Now about the mirror. What’s so special about it anyways?”

“If you would stop your endless chattering and shut your mouth, then I could actually get a chance to tell you.”

Leon obviously wasn’t gifted in the “making friends” department.

“Fine. Carry on,” I said, sighing.

“Well, it started years ago. 1918 I believe,” Leon said.

As soon as I saw Leon go to the shelves and take down some dusty novels I sat down on a chair at a writing desk. I was in for a long morning.

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