So I know you saw the title and you all thought that a) I have it or b) I’m gonna complain about it. Well guess what? It’s neither! I’m gonna tell you the cure to writer’s block. It’s simple. The only cure to writer’s block is not getting it in the first place.

I don’t get writer’s block that often. But when I do, I either a) give up or b) brave through it. Guess what? THIS IS YOUR FIRST DRAFT! It doesn’t have to be perfect, the only one who’s going to be reading it is you (or a relation).

All you have to do to defeat writer’s block is write down words. Just words. No matter how random or unrelated they seem. During my first NaNo I was stuck and didn’t know what to write, but I was determined to finish. I turned on my music and just wrote down the first thing that came to mind, and I overcame writer’s block. The part I wrote seemed stupid when I was editing it, but I cut that part out and rewrote it when I knew where the story was going.

I’m not an author or a publisher. I’m just a reader who loves to write. My advice? If you have music that makes you feel creative (mine’s Elvis, don’t judge!), just turn it on and write the about the first thing that comes to mind.Even if what you write down seems really ridiculous, you might like it later!

So that’s all I have for everyone. Even if this may not help you, the solution to writer’s block can be the simplest thing!

For you writers out there (or writers of school papers) how do you deal with writer’s block?