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October 2015

NaNo and November

Hey everyone! In case you couldn't guess from the title, this post is about NaNoWriMo, the insane writing 50k marathon that crazy people try their luck at every November. And also for the month November, which I have some announcements... Continue Reading →

Story Starters: Unusual Words

To celebrate Writefury’s second blogiversary (which was *ahem* a few days ago), I’m reblogging one of my favorite posts (though they’re all great!). After this, I had a few new favorite words. XD

Enjoy! And if you do do this, put a link in the comments!!


Hey, everyone!

Another post in the category of “Story Starters” today. These are all words that exist, but until recently, I had no idea of. So have fun, guys! 😀

The Challenge: Write a story or poem using, or centering around, one of these words.

The Advanced Challenge: Write a story or poem with two or more of these words!

20150727-190117.jpgThis should especially be relatable to us writers who stay up late finishing something…





I think my favorite was that last one. But oh, gosh… petrachor…. I love that scent so much. 🙂 ❤

Which word is your favorite? What story ideas do you have for these words?

Please comment and tell me!

Also, if you write a story based on these, link it in the comments and I’ll add a link below that picture.

Have fun with it!


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The Crossways + Giveaway!

Well, this week has been the lovely Morgan Huneke's blog tour for her new book, The Crossways, and today I'll be reviewing it! You can find my review for the first book here and my interview with Morgan here. “M’lady, it has... Continue Reading →

Morgan Huneke Interview

Hello everybody! Today I get to interview the lovely Morgan Huneke, author of many amazing books which you can check out here. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did! With out further ado, the interview!! 1.... Continue Reading →

Mirrors VII

Hey everyone, I'm back (and no, I didn't die 🙂 )! So, sorry that I haven't posted for so long, but life's been pretty hectic. Anyways, I have for your the next part of Mirrors. Also, soon I'll be posting the... Continue Reading →

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