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December 2015

Rizkaland Tag!

 Hello everyone!! So as at least some of you know, this week is the ten year anniversary for Kendra working on the Rizkaland Legends! Yay, go Kendra!! So she created a tag, and it looks super fun! To find it,... Continue Reading →

The Tag of Happiness

Hey everyone!! I was tagged by my lovely friend, Shantelle for The Tag of Happiness! Thanks Shantelle, this looks fun!! 🙂 (You can find her blog here)  Some SONGS that make you happy: Fireflies by Owl City. I'm not sure why,... Continue Reading →

Interview of Amazingness (blog tour AND giveaway)

I'll be honest, I forgot I was posting today. Whaaat??? How could you? I know! I know! But I've been gone, and we lost our dogs while I was home alone, school, and so forth. But lo and behold! The interview with Tricia... Continue Reading →

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