Hello everybody! Sorry for my lack of posts …. but … Yeah. I’ve got nothing. ANYWAYS. I had to write a short story for school today. It said to write a fictional short story where nothing bad happens. I interpenetrated that as nothing bad happens; e.x. you don’t stub your toe, you don’t get a bad grade, etc. Though APPARENTLY it meant that you don’t have consequences. Oops. But then something bad happens (or there’s a consequence). So, here we go!

Em sat up in bed, nearly bonking her head on the ceiling – she slept in a loft – but since nothing bad ever happened, it didn’t worry her. She climbed half-way down the ladder, then leaped off for the rest of the way, bending her knees to absorb the impact.

“Em, are you up?”


“Yeah. I’ll be down in a sec!”

Em rushed through the morning routine of getting dressed, brushing her teeth and hair, bounding down the stairs, not bothering to be quiet since she knew that her younger brother – Dan – was already awake.

“What, Mom?” Em asked, jumping off the last two steps.

“Why do you always do that?” Dan asked, slurping up some milk from his bowl. “Jump everywhere?”

“Because it’s fun. Now shush and eat your breakfast.”

Mom walked around the kitchen, balancing bowls all the way up her arms full of what looked like ingredients. Right. The potluck.

“I need you to take Dan on a walk.”

Em nodded and plopped into a chair at the table. She rested her chin on her clasped hands, staring at Dan. His spoon slowed and stopped half-way to his mouth.

“Don’t. It’s creepy.”

Em just widened her eyes and smiled at her young brother. He rolled his eyes, but quickly finished up his breakfast.

Without warning, Em stood up and walked to the door. With her hand on the knob, she called over her shoulder, “Hurry up, or you won’t be able to go. I’m leaving right now, with or without you.”

She smiled as she heard Dan hastily bring his bowl to the sink, and gave a quick spray of water. Then he scurried to get his shoes on, as Em sashayed out onto the porch. Stepping on the last step, Dan burst out of the house.

“I’m ready!”

He was bundled up, which Em found a little unnecessary for the chilled – yet sunny – spring morning.

Cars rushed by on the road not even ten feet from where they stood. Em grabbed Dan’s hand, which, she was sure, that if she’d done it in front of his friends, the eight-year-old would’ve been red all the way down to his toes.

Without even looking both ways, the two crossed their yard and the road to the other side. At least five cars had swerved to avoid the pair, but, of course, nothing happened to any of them. Nothing bad ever happened.

They walked down the sidewalk and into town – a trip that took not even ten minutes. Once in town, the two walked by stores. They passed by the library, which Em stuck her tongue out at – earning a funny look from Dan.

She had tried going there once last year. It had been boring. The history books telling of nothing but famous peoples’ awards, the others going through the daily progress of life exactly as the one that Em lived. Nothing interesting, all boring.

Almost immediately as the passed it, a loud noise filled the air – one that neither Em or Dan had heard. No one had ever heard. It pierced the air.

Em looked around for the source of the noise, her ears still ringing. Just down the street, she saw it. A man stood over a woman who was lying on the ground, a strange, metal device in his hand, something red gushing from the woman.

Em screamed and let loose Dan’s hand. Others around her shouted in panic and screamed as well.

So … there you go! Hope you enjoyed it! Comment on your thoughts! 😀