Wow. It has been FOREVER since I lasted posted a Broken Reflections part! January 20, to be exact (and no I did not look that up! Why are you looking at me funny? I most certainly didn’t look it up! Fine. Maybe I did.).

And since I am doing NaNo this month (actually, on a different project), and I just got caught up on my word goal and am procrastinating from getting ahead, so I’m posting the next part!

And part ten may I add!

Also, before you read, just a few notes: 1) since it’s been forever since I last posted, you may want to read over previous parts and add some comments, 😉 2) these next few parts are very likely to change, so, just keep that in mind, and lastly, 3) after this, I think that the writing has a different feel (though if you liked how it was, I’m sure that you’ll still love it!).

So, I’m now done with the boring part! Onto the reading!

(Oh, and, here you can find all the other parts.)

Who’s Zeus? The Greek god? Clara, you’re confusing me.”

A small smile graced Clara’s dry, cracked lips. “You’ll see.”

What do you mean?”

Clara let out a sigh. “I can’t bring you through the mirror, only you can do that.”

Through the mirror? What do you mean by that?”

Sawyer,” Mom’s familiar voice called.

I turned towards the door as Mom opened it. I turned back to face Clara, but she was already gone.

Are you okay, Sweetie? You look pale.”

Mom had cleaned up since yesterday. Her hair was pulled into a long ponytail that tickled my cheek when she ran her fingers through my hair. Her face had on make-up, making her bright blue eyes twinkle like sapphires. This wasn’t the mom I knew. My Mom was here yesterday, today she was all dressed up, as she did when she went to meet with lawyers involved with the divorce.

I’m fine, Mom. Are you going somewhere today?”

She glance briefly down at her white blouse. “Honey, there not actually going to take you home. You’re going to stay a few weeks with a few other kids just an hour from here.”

You mean like an asylum?” I asked. Hot tears welled in my eyes. “Because you think I’m crazy?”

Mom didn’t answer, but it was enough of an answer for me.

I turned away. Even though I thought that I was delusional, having someone else tell you that you were still hurt.

Someone knocked on the door, then entered. The man was tall and wore a denim jacket over a red T-shirt. The white streaks in his shoulder length black hair showing his age to be at least in his late fourties. His gray eyes met mine, and I quickly looked down.

Sawyer, this is Dr. Drupe,” Mom said nervously. “He’s the one in charge of the place where you’ll be staying.”

Hello Sir,” I said politely.

Please, call me Eugene,” the man said. His voice friendly enough, but I could detect something else. Anger? Resentment? But why? I’d only just met the guy.

When will I have to leave?” I asked, squeezing my Mom’s hand.

As soon as you feel up to it, though the sooner the better,” Eugene said.

I nodded slowly. “I’m feeling fine now, but it’s probably just the medicine.”

It probably is. But if you are feeling well enough for travel … As I said, the sooner the better.”

“I looked at my Mom. Tears were in her eyes, but she nodded encouragingly.

Well, I guess I’m good to go.”

What was I saying? I didn’t want to go anywhere. All I wanted was for things to go back to the way they were. But yet, I did say I would go, and there was no backing out now.

Eugene nodded. “Ms. Ali, would you go see about Sawyer’s release while I have a word alone with him?”

Mom nodded, tears in her eyes. Then she quickly exited.

Eugene waited a moment before saying, “Sawyer, what has you Mother told you of my … institution?”

And … there’s part ten! So, what do you think is going to happen next? Who do you think Dr. Drupe – or Eugene – is? Comment below on thoughts/suggestions!