Hey everyone! Sorry for being a bad blogger … but an explanation for another post! (*cough* NaNo *cough*) But this was too good to pass up sharing! Enjoy! 😀

let's be lost

Man, I’ve been a bad blogger this month. It’s already the tenth, and I’ve published, what, three posts? Ye-e-e-e-ah . . .

Anyway, I have put together a list that I hope homeschoolers will relate to and find funny. (If you’re not homeschooled, this post might give you an look at some of the pros of homeschooling.) I know that the titles says “12 Things all Homeschoolers can Relate to,” but probably not every single homeschooler ever can relate to the things on this list. That’s because every homeschool family has a different set-up. My family happens to be pretty relaxed, but I know that some families are super-duper strict.

But I hope that all the homeschoolers that read this post can relate to at least a few of them.

Well, I am rather weird, but I have many friends :):


  1. Well, I am weird, but I do have friends. They’re all weird, too. And homeschoolers.


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