Hello everyone! So, I bet none of you (except my sister, whom I told two days ago) know what today is. Well, it’s Wednesday (and that is pronounced wed-ness-day)! The 27th! My first blogiversary!

Yes, yes, let the congratulations roll in, and let me bask in its gloriousness! (And if you don’t congratulate me, then I’ll have to use my favorite word on you, defenestration. Yeah, it’s a thing.)

Also, I, uh, kinda forgot that today was my blogiversary?? And, I didn’t remember until I was looking back at my first post a few days ago. Oops.

First, let me say this, I AM NOT JUST A LONELY HERMIT AND WAS TOO LAME TO NOT GET ANYONE TO DO THIS WITH ME. Okay? Okay. Yes, I just thought that it would be more fun this way.

What would be more fun? Well my super long post, that is ………………… AN INTERVIEW WITH MYSELF!! Yes. All those questions I wish that people would ask me, I’ll ask and answer them right here! (Yes, you people, we all know who you are.) And without further ado, the interview with me!

Hello, Alyssa. Welcome to this interview.

Thanks for having me! I’m looking forwards to see what questions you ask me! It’ll be fun. *whispers* I hope.

Now let’s get on with the interview. Question one is going to be a bit original, but it has to be done! Why did you start this blog?

Well I think that people have already heard (er, read?) me answer this, but whatever!

I started it because all the “cool” people were doing it. Meaning, I was getting into writing, and I loved the blogs that I followed (mainly here and here) and thought that they were funny. So me, being a very compulsive person, decided to have a blog over the course of less then five minutes. 😉

jar_of_pickles_cb101311Yes, because we always do what the “cool” people do! Next one, what is the weirdest present that you have ever received/given/or watched being given?

I’ll do the weirdest one that I’ve gotten. Let me set the scene: on my eleventh birthday (no, it wasn’t my Hogwarts letter), I had just gotten my YA book that I had been super excited for (yes, I asked for a YA book, and got it), and I knew that I was getting a giant beanbag chair, and didn’t know what better present there could be. But then I got it. The bag from my grandparents was in my hand – it was heavy, for sure – and I opened it …. it was a jar of pickles! Just plain ol’ dill pickles. 😛

Bonus! An acquaintance (meaning, from listening to her talk, I know every detail about her. Yes, this is my life.) was talking about a white elephant exchange from a few years ago, and she said that she gave a dead rat. Yes, that is legitly what happened.

Mmm! I LOVE pickles! 😀 This next question is a write-in (though unbeknownst of that person): which Lord of the Rings character do you identify with the most?

200_sI know this one! Pippin, definitely. Second breakfast, and blowing up fireworks, and taking vegetables from Farmer Maggot’s crops! (Okay, so, that was from the movie, but to be fair, I haven’t read LotR in FOREVER.)

Goodness, my favorite is Pippin! Speaking of which, I should be rewatching/rereading LotR soon… Have you met any famous people?

Oh, have I? 😀 I’ve met Ed Begley Jr. (and got Living with Ed signed to my sister and I, along with a picture that didn’t turn out well!). When our family was in TN. with some family friends, we were at a restaurant on a Sun. morning, and we walked by Steven Curtis Chapman and his family! Also, one of my friends at church (yes, I do have friends) was on a kids baking showing, which was cool.

And I technically haven’t met these people, but I have their autographs: Karen Gillan, Atticus Shaffer, and J.K. Rowling.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00026]Ooh, that’s cool! Actually, I’ve only read a couple of Rowling’s books…. Oops. What is your favorite book?

Gah! Curse you, evil monster! (Like the time when my grammar book in school told me to write one sentence on my favorite book?!?!)

But I’d have to say that it is a three-way tie between The Circles of SevenDeny, and Resistance (my review for Resistance will show up on Tues.).

Yes, I hate when people ask me that! Now, next question! What is an interesting conversation that you’ve had?

I don’t know if this one is interesting, but I kind like it. Also, it’s a mix-up of three different ones that happened within moments of each other.

Me: I’m a vegetarian.                  Person: So you do or don’t eat fish?

Me: I’m a vegetarian.                 (Different) Person: So you don’t eat milk or cheese or butter?

Me: *sighs* I’m a vegetarian.     (Yet another different one) Person: So you can’t eat cake?!

Ah, yes. I love that last one. 😉 And this was at my youth group’s camp the first year that I was a vegetarian, and when I had something other then them to eat, they kept asking why. So, yes, I’m not a snotty vegetarian. Or maybe I am. You decide what you will.

A … dead rat? Hopefully it was an animal, instead of a annoying, tattle-tale sibling. *maniacal laugh for no reason* Most embarrassing moment as a blogger?

Well … hahaha. Actually, this was last year when I was apart of the WPFP blog tour, I was looking at some different interviews/reviews, and I like to comment on peoples’ things, and since I had a few of them open, I got two of the ladies’ names mixed up. (Sorry, Erika and Amanda!)

Ahem. Let’s move on.

Ooh. Yes, let’s get on with this interview. What is a big secret that you have/had?

Really? Really? Okay…

Actually, It’s that for the first few months, no one knew that I had a blog. Yes, no one. Not even my family. My mom found out by reading my emails, and my sister found out in Dec. (and she doesn’t even read all the posts!!!!).

Alyssa, you bad person! Let’s just forget that we heard that, since, you know, I am part Jedi and can convince everyone into forgetting this question. List your favorite superhero , superhero movie, and superhero comic.

hqdefault (In no particular order) For superheroes: Batman, Spider-man, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Blaze.

For the movie: Probably Captain America: Civil War or Spider-Man 3 (yes, I know that I’m in the minority for that one).

Lastly, the comics. The only way that I’m able to read comics is through our library, and they didn’t have too many to start with, and they now got rid of all except Pokemon (I know!!!), but I loved the Spider-Man and Batman, but that’s basically all that they had. So…. 😉

And CA: Civil War will probably rip my heart out, as I’m sure it will with you! And as closing, anyone you’d like to thank?

Well, I am so glad that you asked that!

First would be C.B., as being my first follower and being so nice and such an encouragement!

Next would be Writefury, who also helped me a lot as my blog has grown its own little amount. 😉

Also, I’d like to thank Simi for being a great blogging friend and encourager, and top commenter!

Jaye L. Knight and Half-Blood are next! I’d like to thank both of them for being my first blog tour. Jaye had tons of patience and grace with me, as I was trying to figure things out!

Lastly, Bryan Davis for (slightly, though still some) being apart of the reason for my starting this blog!

Thanks for allowing me to interview you!

Yes, thank you, Alyssa, for letting me take over you blog for a post (and ask me some … odd questions)! 😀

And there you have it folks, my interview with me! Now it’s time for some stats!

First follower: C.B.

Top commenter: Me! Haha. 😛 Okay, second is Simi.

Amount of followers: 49. SOOOOOO close to 50! (Come on guys, we can make 100 happen! XD )

Views: 3,638 views. I’m not sure if that’s good or not, but to me, it sounds impressive!! (3s and big numbers impress me, so, yes.

Visitors: 1,069 visitors. Yay, guys! Thanks so much!

Total number of posts (including this one): 79. Man. One more, and then it would’ve been 80. Actually, I was thinking of doing one two days ago to explain my absence and NaNo…

And I’ve been visited by 35 countries. Yes, that ’tis what I said! Thank you guys sooo much!

(Note: I’m not sure if these stats are actually impressive, but they’re big numbers to me, so we’re just gonna pretend that it is.)

Sorry for all the links, guys!! But anyways, I hope that you’ve enjoyed my post, interview, and my last year of bloggity-blogging! Comment below with your favorite question from this post (and possibly your answer/answers…), and how long you’ve been blogging! Thank you guys for an awesome year!