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May 2016

Another Mini Review!

Heeeeey everyone! Well. Since NO ONE commented on what I should do next (don't worry, you're all still awesome! Just, not as much so as me...), I'm doing a mini review! This is for the book Remember to Forget by Ashley... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People #17 MAY EDITION

So hello everyone!! It's BP time again, yay!!! I was originally going to doing Sawyer for this round, then I was going to do Meryl, but since a lot of you excitedly commented about my Flynn Rider character (thank you,... Continue Reading →

In Other News…

So hello my friends! I apologize for not posting in awhile... But I've been focusing a lot on being consistent on my other blog, so, yep. This post was originally going to be a NaNo recap, then why I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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