So hello my friends! I apologize for not posting in awhile… But I’ve been focusing a lot on being consistent on my other blog, so, yep.

This post was originally going to be a NaNo recap, then why I wasn’t posting after that, and then so on and so forth. Anyways. Here we have the post: In Other News… 🙂


The NaNo Recap

I was working on a project which doesn’t exactly have a title… So I call it Meryl’s Story. (To get an idea of it, HERE’S THE PINTEREST BOARD.)

For those of you long-time followers, you may recall that I did this project last April – my first NaNo project. So this is special to me. ❤ What? No one remembers? Well, this is awkward. (CLICK HERE to read about my first NaNo experience.)

Why didn’t I do Broken Reflections? Well, I don’t plan books. Like, at all. So in order for me to keep truthfully saying that I’ve never had writer’s block, then I have to be working on two projects intermittently. So that means if I do July’s NaNo, then, yes, it’ll probably be for BR.

How’d I do? Well, I started off strong. Then … not so well. Then I had a week long vacation where I wrote nothing. I was a little behind my daily quota to finish 50k by the 30th. But after reading Cait’s post, I felt inspired (and a tiny bit competitive) and kicked it up a notch.

The day before we left, I wrote 10,306 words. In a day. Beating my record of just over 5k by double! I. was. ecstatic. Then the day after we got home, I wrote a little over 7k, so, yes, not as exciting. BUT. I finished with 50,014 words on day 24. And after that … I haven’t really written anything. Though I do have a really cool idea of a wall with the skulls of their enemies in it….

So, yes, that’s that. Oh, you want to hear what I listened to on repeat, you say? Well, I’ll tell you! First, it was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian soundtrack. Over, and over, and OVER again. Then, I made a playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite movies’ soundtracks, and listened to that on repeat. It was great. 😉 (Though I still have Wunderkind stuck in my head…)

And that’s it.

Though here’s a collage of a few of my favorite pins from the Pinterest board that I love and I think fit the story the best.


Broken Reflections Update

For the few of you who read this serial, first of all, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Ahem. Yes. Anyways.

I haven’t written much since Nov. since I’ve been working on Meryl’s Story, but I’ve had some cool ideas, and my Pinterest board is awesome! (That’s HERE.)

And I’m sorry to say, that while I’m writing some more, I’ll be editing a lot, meaning I won’t be posting for a little bit. OR, until I get feedback from my alpha-reader, and it’s an easy fix. 😉

Yes, I have an alpha-reader! *squeals* She a very nice young lady, and she’s gonna be helping me from here on out. Actually, she’s the one who came up with the title, and I got my first piece of fanart/mock cover (that is AMAZING) from. So, needless to say, she’s my biggest fan, and I’m eternally grateful of. 😉

And, of course, there’s a collage for this story, too. 😉


My Vacation

Since I know that you’re all desperate to know where I went, and what I did. 😛

We went to an undisclosed location in the wonderful state of Georgia. We got to drive/walk around Savannah, and it was gorgeous! (Actually, it’s going to be one of the settings for a book that’s in the planning progress, that has a Flynn Rider-type character).

And happening just a few miles from us was where they were filming Baywatch. So it was pretty cool to see all the mikes and cameras and stuff. 😉 But, unfortunately, we had missed Dwayne Johnson by a couple days. Though I can say that I was in the same state as William Mosely, Chris Pratt, and Karen Gillan. Yeah, I’m cool.

But, I don’t like the hot. Or the beach. Or being gone from home for too long. Or long car rides with two dogs, two parents, and five siblings.

Some Posts to Expect

I’m not great with the whole planning stuff, but I KNOW that these posts are coming up:

  • Mini Review for Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer
  • A short story in the first POV
  • Or two
  • A post on my opinions on physical books vs ebooks
  • Beautiful People post (tell me in the comments if you want it on Sawyer, or another character of my choosing)
  • Some cool little factoids on some of my WIPs
  • I’ve been tagged a lot….
  • Maybe another Broken Reflections post, since the next one is pretty interesting 😉

And, yeah, that’s it.

So, I hope that you guys enjoyed this! Thanks for reading, and I’ll post soon! Hopefully. 😛

So who should I do the Beautiful People on? If not Sawyer, should it be a MC in one of my WIPs, or a side character? Can’t wait to talk to you in the comments! And in other news (hehe) I hit 50 followers! Thank you guys, SOO much! XD