So hello everyone!! It’s BP time again, yay!!!


I was originally going to doing Sawyer for this round, then I was going to do Meryl, but since a lot of you excitedly commented about my Flynn Rider character (thank you, those three of you! Ahem. It was actually two. 😉 ), so I’ve decided to do Phoenix. ❤

And we’re live!

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How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger?

Guys, this is Phoenix. Yes, he would smile. And quite often.

What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?

Haha, so he’s not that developed, but we’ll pretend that I didn’t say that, and I’ll make something up (that I’ll most certainly use in the book).

He was told that he was too friendly/funny and that he needs to stop acting so immature. Him being him, Phoenix hid any reaction, and just internalized all of his hurtedness (that’s now a word. I should be a walking dictionary of some kind.).

What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?

Probably something by Noelle, the main MC, and he probably gave her a smile and was elated inside.

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?

This probably would fit as the meanest thing, but I just thought of it now, and it’s pretty clever. 😉

The first thing Joseph, his mentor, told him was: “Well, aren’t you a funny runt? All your jokes won’t help you in the real world, so you need to grow up fast and now. Then, I can maybe make something out of you.” Then and there Phoenix decided to be nice to everyone, and try to do his part to make the world a better place – one person at a time.

And Phoenix was still elementary age, so, yes, hurtful. But Joseph really does mean well. Sort of. In his own way. Sort of.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?

I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis. He would benefit from it in multiple ways: a) he needs to read something more serious every once in a while to fuel up his resolve to fix the world, b) this is actually something he’d read, and finally c) the last two reasons might be a lie, but I just needed a book, and picked the most serious book from my bookshelf.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react?


He was playing around, and got his right index finger cut off at the last knuckle. They were able to fix it (guys, this isn’t necessarily  earth), but let’s just say that he was a little bit traumatized.

Do they like and get along with their neighbours?

Phoenix actually doesn’t like loads of people, but he likes to be friendly and to get along with people, and people generally like and get along with him. So, yes and no.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with?

Probably around a two or three? People like him, but too much time with him, your stomach hurts from laughing, but your tired of jokes, and just want to get away from him.

If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?

Earth? Well, I could see him liking to go to China. I have no idea why, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. 😛

Who was the last person they held hands with?

Probably Noelle. Though, against her will. 😉 (But just to be clear, there is NOT going to be anything romantic going on between the two of them, thank you very much. Probably.)

And that ends it!

Fun fact: While Noelle is the narrator of the story (still undecided on 1st or 3rd POV, though leaning towards the latter…), I’m probably gonna add Phoenix as a narrator, since I don’t want to be an author who obviously has a crush on the MC’s “love interest” or in this case, best friend.

I hope that you guys liked this round of BP! And to end it all off, I have a collage for Phoenix. (Guys, I was home alone, and got onto the Pixlr site…. Not good people, I made one for practically every character I have…)


(Sorry if you can’t read the quote! But I couldn’t make it any more readable… But it’s from the actual book.

“Don’t worry about me harming you or anything,” Phoenix said, seeing her movement. “And I wouldn’t call it stalking, just caring in the shadows.”

Oh, and, if you want to, back when I was first beginning, I posted some parts on this, and you can find those HERE. I would greatly appreciate and love it if you’d comment on those beginning parts!)

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