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June 2016


Hey guys! I'd just like you all to know: I'm not dead! Well, I may be. But somehow I'm still typing... Anyways. I just came back from church camp - which was amazing, by the way! It was my sixth... Continue Reading →

YA intended audience (Paper Fury)

(picture taken from paper fury's post) Hey everyone! So, today is gonna be a short post. Since we've been moving (as only a few of you know), I only have internet when we're at our old house packing boxes. Anyways.... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People #18

Hello! Today is another Beautiful People, and this time it's the Childhood Edition! I'm doing Meryl again, since she has always been my favorite character, and I know her best! What are their first childhood memory? Hmm. Meryl's first memory... Continue Reading →

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