Hey guys!

I’d just like you all to know: I’m not dead! Well, I may be. But somehow I’m still typing…

Anyways. I just came back from church camp – which was amazing, by the way! It was my sixth year, and I loved it! (If you all get the chance to go to camp; do it!)

Bedtime was 12 or after. You had to be up by 7, but I was up by 6:30 everyday. There were a lot of low ropes (games that involve touching every cabin member and overall being EXTREMELY CLOSE, and, needless to say, I used almost all of my hand sanitize), times where my sister would hug me and while I was yelling for my sister’s friend to save me, she’d join in, and the rest of the cabin (12 in all) would hug around me. UGHHHH.

I was tired. There was forced game participation. It was hot.

I loved it.

So, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on!

(Also, prayers for us moving and selling our houses, and my mom and her team to have a safe flight from a mission trip in Brazil.)

Oh! Oh! Today we got to go to a Half-Priced Books warehouse booksale where all books were $2 or less! I got The Magician’s Nephew, The Dawn Treader, and The Silver Chair to ALMOST complete my Narnia Collection, and I got Artemus Fowl #2, ’cause it was only a dollar! And I got The Ruins of Gorlan so it can go with my book 2! I also got the movies Batman Begins, X-Men, and X2. (Apparently my brother saw The Lone Ranger but didn’t tell me???? Yesss, he’ll feel my wrath tonight.)

It was great.

So y’all later! 🙂