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July 2016

I am Forced to Pick a Favorite Book (thanks a lot, Gabriela)

Hey everybody!!! How's it going? So. Yep. I ¬†am forced to pick a favorite book due to Gabriela. I was tagged for a tag called the Bookish Book Lover tag (I did it on my other blog over here a... Continue Reading →

Interview With the Infinite Knowledge of Plants

Hi everyone! Today I'm apart of something that author Kendra E. Ardnek is doing: Five Years of Bookania and Seven Years of Blogging. (Kendra's blog HERE.) I'm am interviewing one of her characters today!!!! Now, for the interview with Miss... Continue Reading →

Meet Paige

Hullo everyone! Guess what? It's Beautiful People time again! I decided that this time I am going to do it with a lesser-known character. I'm doing Miss Paige Sark from Broken Reflections (she's coming up soon, guys!). And since none... Continue Reading →

A Post Wherein I am Involved in Another Book Tour of Awesomeness

Hello everyone! So, today I'm participating in a book tour for a book that I got to beta and is actually my favorite book that I've read this year (other then some rereads)! I hope you enjoy this post, and... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Tagged Again! (Man, Aren’t I Popular?)

I was tagged by Rayleigh@AccelerateTheJesusMovement for the Wisteria Writer's Tag, so, thanks, Rayleigh!! The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. Answer the ten questions asked. Add ten (writing or book related) of your own. Nominate ten people.    ... Continue Reading →

An Awesome Book’s (or at least, I hope it is) Cover Reveal! NADINE BRANDES’ A TIME TO RSIE!

Haha, guys, so ... I forgot what day it was. And I forgot to post yesterday. BUT. Nadine said it'd be fine if the posts were a day or two late, so I'm good! (Though I'm sure that many of... Continue Reading →

Even Though It’s Not May…

May the fourth be with you! And tomorrow, Revenge of the fifth! Haha. Okay, actually that's in May. But.... Those days are both in May, but I just couldn't help it! Anyways, for all you Americans: Happy 4th of July!... Continue Reading →

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