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If you could have the life of any main character in any book, who would you become?







You’re still here?? Fine. Um, maybe Kyrin from The Ilyon Chronicles, ’cause, I mean, JACE. But all the persecution and stuff is SCARY!! So, maybe, Hannah from Illusionarium (or Alice, ’cause, you know… Just read the book!). Or maybe Lauren from The Children of the Bard.

Do you prefer reading books in 1st or 3rd person?

Usually it depends. If it’s a fantasy, I love it in 3rd person. Dystopian? 1st. Any other genre I don’t really care. Really, it just depends on the book, characters, and, of course, the author.

Do you prefer writing books/stories in 1st or 3rd person?

3rd person is really easy for me, but it’s also awesome doing it in 1st.

(Now, now, I did answer the question!)

Do you have a music playlist for when reading or writing? What does it mainly consist of?

No, not really.

When I write Broken Reflections, I listen to instrumental, so I’ll put on a movie soundtrack or listen to the Piano Guys.

But when I write Meryl’s Story, I have to listen to worded music. Oh! Oh! Just as I’m typing this now (now, like, right now) I remembered that I do have playlists!

This is the worded one. It consists of credit songs (or just ones that have words) from some of my favorite movies.

And this is is another worded one. It has just some of my favorite secular songs.

And this is my instrumental. It’s just a conglomeration of my favorite soundtracks.

(Oh, and follow me on Spotify, if you please, ’cause I’m feeling kinda pathetic. 😛 )

Which author stands out to you as having one of the most unique writing styles? What makes it unique to you?

That I’ve read? Well, actually, they all seem the “same,” to me. I mean, I know there’s authors out there who do all this … different font and writing and stuff. So, yep. Yes. That’s my answer. There.

Do you prefer physical copies or ebooks when reading and which would you like to see your future masterpiece as?

I definitely prefer physical, but I much appreciate ebooks! And whenever I’m in a reading slump (it’s only happened a few times, now mind you), I just read the opposite form of book then what I’ve been doing, and it seems to work! Yay me!

Well, I don’t think that there’s a prouder moment then  if (when) you see your masterpiece in your hands as a physical copy. But, if it’s an ebook then more people are likely to read it. (Man, aren’t I contradicting today?)

Is your favorite spot to write outside with the breeze gently cooling your face or inside, curled up comfortable on your bed?

Okay, so, if it’s fall, then outside, hands down.

Wait, actually, let me backtrack.

If I’m doing good ol’ pen&paper, then outside. Well, in the fall and EARLY spring. It has to be cold. But if I’m doing it on computer, or summer&winter, then inside. But, not on my bed.

Tell us a little bit about your current writing project.

First, let me tell you something.

Broken Reflections is my November NaNo project, and then Meryl’s Story (man, I really need a name for that!) I do in May. And then, if I’m lucky to get anything done, then July is just whatever I’m feeling, and I’ll be following this routine until they’re done.

And, since I still had some momentum from May, I’m doing Meryl’s Story.

So, I’m really bad at this, but, here goes!

Meryl and her older brother, Devin, are orphans (shocker! Sorry, just had to put that in here. 😛 ) and they live in a small village – an Outcast – just outside of the village Mera near the city-state Drades.

While Devin is off to work in Mera, royal guards from the neighboring country Ena come looking for Meryl and her brother. In a panic, Meryl pulls Devin away from the docks and Devin tells her that they need to run and not look back.

Fleeing to the woods that Drades is ever-famous for, Meryl and Devin are attacked by many hardships and seem to be followed by a mysterious stranger.

Yeah … that’s all I got.

Quickly, though, there’s countries, then there’s city-states, then there are villages, and outcasts are little villages that aren’t quite big enough to be a village.

Do you enjoy writing romance scenes or would you rather avoid them at all costs?

Hehe, well.

No, I don’t normally enjoy writing them. BUT, in a WIP I just recently wrote something that was ADORABLE, though it won’t turn into anything. 😉

Write a one paragraph story using the 3 following words: Pun, Sparks, and Jaywalk.

Sparks flew about me as I walked across the street, jaywalking. Did I care right now? Nah, not really. Throwing my smoldering jacket off myself, I held it out at arms length, ignoring the stares people were giving me. Oh, how badly I wanted to make a pun right now! But, alas! who would listen to it?

There you guys go! Did you like it? I said jaywalking instead of Jaywalk. Oops.

Sorry, but I’m gonna be a bit lazy at the moment, so, this is an open tag! And, just the same question! 😛

How did you all like today’s post? Just for fun, do the paragraph story in the comments below! See if you can do it without the -ing! 🙂