Hi everyone!
Today I’m apart of something that author Kendra E. Ardnek is doing:

Five Years of Bookania and Seven Years of Blogging.


(Kendra’s blog HERE.)

I’m am interviewing one of her characters today!!!!

Now, for the interview with Miss Kimberly, gifted with the knowledge of plants.

279b35c69937c568009daa11643ea7feWhich plant do you feel that you know the best?
I honestly have not an idea, but one that I find most interesting is the ichor bush. It just has so many interesting uses. If I ever had to choose one plant to live with for the rest of my life, it would be the ichor bush
Cool! Does it annoy you when people go against your knowledge of plants?
It depends. If it is clear that they know what they’re talking about, I am thrilled to learn. If they do not … well … it is annoying.
Although I do not often have people challenge my knowledge of plants. Usually they just slowly back away.
Yes, I would imagine that they would. 🙂 What is your favorite food?
Ichor berries. Not only are they an antidote for many poisons, but they are the perfect balance of sweet and tart and oh so delicious.
They sound amazing! Do you like having an immense knowledge of plants, or … do you not like it?
I like it. Why would I not?
c3f21f406497819f857f718b02f89f84To me, it sounds awesome! Who is your best friend?
My future sister-in-law, Adelaide. She hath a magic book satchel that can summon any book she wants, and will summon plant books for me if I ask. I keep her from running into things when she decides to read and walk at the same time.
That’s nice having a best friend who can have every book! What is a favorite thing of yours to do?
Read about plants, study plants, take care of plants. Basically, if it involveth plants, I love it. I used to enjoy gardening with my elder sister, Dylana  but I … I cannot do that anymore. She did not attend Rosamond’s party.
Still, gardening is fun.
Ahh, gardening never gets old. Thanks for joining me, Kimberly!

(And if you want to see more of Kendra’s Bookania pins, go HERE. They’re really cool!)

And, of course, we got some stuff here!

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Thanks for reading, guys! I hope that you enjoyed it!! Comment below on what you would like to be gifted with! 🙂