Heeeey everyone! Haven’t I been doing so well at posting frequently??? You people reading this: ‘Cause you’re awesome!!! Aww, why thank you!

So (have you noticed how often I start a paragraph with so??), today is another mini-review. Yes, I know, they’re not my best posts, but eh!

(And I was also told that I didn’t need to read the beginning of this series to read this one, and they were right!)

The Review: DAWN AT EMBERWILDE by Sarah E. Ladd

25863713Isabel Creston never dared to dream that love could be hers. Now, at the edge of a forest filled with dark secrets, she faces a fateful choice between love and duty.

For as long as she can remember, beautiful and free-spirited Isabel has strained against the rules and rigidity of the Fellsworth School in the rolling English countryside. No longer a student, Isabel set her sights on a steady yet unexciting role as a teacher at the school, a safe yet stifling establishment that would provide her a steady environment to care for her younger sister Lizzie, who was left in her care after her father’s death.

The unexpected arrival of a striking stranger with news of unknown relatives turns Isabel’s small, predictable world upside down, sweeping her and her young charge into a labyrinth of intrigue and hidden motives.

At her new family’s invitation, Isabel and Lizzie relocate to Emberwilde, a sprawling estate adjacent to a vast, mysterious wood rife with mysterious rumors and ominous folklore—along with whispers of something far more sinister. And perhaps even more startling, two handsome men begin pursuing Isabel, forcing her to learn the delicate dance between attraction, the intricate rules of courtship, and the hopes of her heart.

At Emberwilde, Isabel will discover that the key to unlocking the mystery of her past may also open the door to her future and security. But first she must find it—in the depths of Emberwilde Forest.

The Good:

So, I think as most of you know, I’m very much a sci-fi/fantasy person (with a mix of dystopian in it). I’m not usually a historical romance person … BUT. Recently I’ve been finding some good ones (meaning, like, two)!

This was one of them!

There were times that it was a teensy bit (or a lot) predictable. And some other stuff – which I will list below – but the good really outweighed the bad!


I really happened to like Colin: He was nice and sweet and stuff, but also smart and responsible.

It had a nice feel to it, but it still was very logical and everything that happened, actually could’ve happened.

Also, the writing had a very 1800s feel, which was nice. 🙂

The Bad:

So, despite really liking it, it took me, like, SIX WHOLE DAYS to read this. To put this into perspective: I normally would take 2-3 days to read this. I liked it, but I couldn’t really “get into it” in a way.

I didn’t care for Isabel (she seemed a bit whiny to me, in a way) or Mr. Bradford (who was “I’m perfect and amazing in every way” straight from the beginning) or really any other character, which was unfortunate.

Just from reading about it, it seems like there’d be a TOUCH of fantasy … but alas, no.

And this was supposedly a Christian book, but it just seemed kinda tacked on. 😦

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it to you all who like historical Christian romances!

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗


Thank you, BookLook Bloggers for the book! All opinions are my own blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.

Does this seem like a book you enjoy? Do you like mini-reviews (or what kind of post would you like to see in the future)? Like always, comment below! 🙂