It’s that time again:

Beautiful People #20: Appearance

Yup. (If you don’t know what that is, click the picture below!)

I’m doing Acacia, one of my favorite characters from Broken Reflections. She’s friends with Paige Sark, and is a little mystery whom I love. 🙂collageAcacia.jpg

Her power is still to be kept a secret, but it’s awesome!

Now, without further adieu!

Give a brief overview of their looks. (Include a photo if you want!)

433851b48e64a7feddb3c82ead0a5870She has long, dark – nearly black – hair, blue or pale green eyes, she’s not pale, but she’s not tanned, exactly, either. She’s thirteen (I know, that’s not an appearance), and, you know what? That picture right there


is her perfectly. Well, I’m still undecided as to if she has long, layered hair, or short, choppily cut hair.

Share a snippet that involves description of their appearance.

“As in the  one that Andy knows?” I stepped closer, trying to get a better glimpse at the girl.
She had black hair that barely reached her ears. It was cut hazardously, falling in front of her piercing blue eyes.

So .. basically what I’ve already said. 😉

What is the first thing people might notice about them?

She’s always carrying around a THICK book (she only likes 450+ pages books…).

… Except at the wrist on a 13 yr. old girl’s arm.

Oh, and, I just (sort of) decided that she has tattoos. On her left wrist she has rings/bands, and on her right forearm, she has swirly stuff.

What are their unique features? (Ex: freckles, big ears, birthmark, scars, etc.)

Really soft, black hair. She has very “soft” facial features, her tattoos. Etc.

Little Acacia – except, she doesn’t have her ears pierced.

How tall are they? What is their build (Ex: stocky, slender, petite, etc.)

She’s 5’6 (ish). Acacia’s slender, but not skinny. Well, you know what I mean. Right?

What is their posture like? How do they usually carry themselves?

Acacia always has a slight slouch, and seems very timid upon first meeting her.

Your character has been seen on a “lazy day” (free from usual routine/expectations): what are they wearing and how do they look?

Leggings and a t-shirt. And she’s usually pretty well-put looking.

Do they wear glasses, accessories, or jewelry on a regular basis? Do they have any article of clothing or accessory that could be considered their trademark?

She’ll wear a necklace or rings, but that’s about it accessory-wise.

Umm… Not really. I guess that she’s always wearing pants (skinny jeans or leggings).

9d2ae58ddccddefddc7c99da2458f8b9Have they ever been bullied or shamed because of their looks? Explain!

Nooo… not really. For … reasons, she didn’t go to school and was always very isolated.

Are they happy with how they look? If they could change anything about their appearance, what would it be?

Acacia’s one of those people who don’t care one way or the other. I mean, she doesn’t really think herself pretty, but she doesn’t think herself not pretty, either… She doesn’t really think about it, honestly.

Maybe … her eyes. She’d really like black eyes or a darker complexion.

How’d you all like This round of Beautiful People? Who do you think I should do for September’s Edition??? Comment below on what you think of Acacia so far (she may show up again)!