Hello everyone!!! So … I have an awesome friend who gave me the chance to do somehting amazing … but more on that in a second.

I’m certain that you’ve all – no matter who you are – know about my absolute favorite author: Bryan Davis. He seems to show up in every. one. of my posts… 😉

Well, today you get to see a picture of all my BD books, my sister’s, and the “families.” (And you get the VERY rare picture of me … yes, I see you, sister, glaring at me.)


Aren’t all those books glorious? I couldn’t find Beelzebed (a BD kids book that I gave my younger siblings for Christmas) … I think that it’s in a box somwhere, so instead, I put in Mr. Davis’s daughter’s book: Precisely Terminated by Amanda L. Davis.

And the time that I got to meet him in person and bought all of his books that I didn’t yet have?????? (I really need to write a post on that….)

And … here are all of my posts (warning … his name appears in nearly all of my 90ab174a2a45a7a5fcaf2879bdb7a3f2posts) involving Mr. Davis, and my reviews for his books.

Why all this stuff about him? Well *squeals* I GET TO INTERVIEW HIM TODAY. YES. Calm down all of you! I KNOW it’s exciting!!

(Sorry to all my two siblings who actually listened to me squealing and hyperventilating over this interview…. I kinda fangirled out. XD )

Basically my siblings.

I would’ve loved to have done a 100+ question interview with Mr. Davis, but I love reading his books, more and didn’t want to take up all of his editing time …. So I’ve settled with seven questions! 😉

What does a typical writing day for you look like?

I get up at around 5 a.m., jog a few miles, shower, have family devotions, eat breakfast, check messages, and start writing. I usually write for 8 to 10 hours, depending on what else I have going on. I take breaks every couple of hours for various activities, including family time, social media, and household duties. I have a office in my home where I park myself most of the day. It’s quiet most of the time. Our dog enjoys breaking the silence.

Me and Bryan Davis
Me and Mr. Davis (Yes, I was really nervous…)

Ahh, that’s what dogs are for. When you go and visit schools/events, what’s your favorite part (I know that it
was amazing, seeing you in person!)?

My favorite part is talking to readers one-on-one and hearing how my stories have affected them. Many readers have told me that my books draw them closer to God. Some have even said that my stories have kept them from committing suicide. That is amazing to hear.

That’s so cool! I’m sure it’s amazing to hear what your writing does to individuals! What are some easy and hard parts to writing a comedy relief character (like Daryl and Walter)?

I find it easy to write the comic relief parts. Funny quips pop into my head, so it’s great to have Daryl or Walter around to deliver the lines. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stay serious. I often go back and cut some of their lines out, because it’s not a good time for a joke. It’s great to hear feedback from readers when they tell me that these characters are their favorites. The funny people are popular.

I’m sure that you can have a hilarious quip at all occasions!! Maybe… Comedy-reliefs seem to be a crowd favorite. Do like spaghetti and other pasta dishes?

I do. I like spaghetti, lasagna, and most anything with pasta, sauce, and cheese. Are you inviting me over for dinner?

Haha, maybe… 😉 When you’re not writing or eating (’cause both are important), what do you like to do?

What else is there?  I enjoy hiking with my family, simple board games, and talking with my wife. She is my best friend, so I try to spend as much time with her as possible.

That’s cool! Your Echoes from the Edge trilogy is chock full of music; are you a musician, or just your children?

I am not a musician. I love music and have a good ear for it, but I cannot perform it. All of my children have some music training, and some are quite accomplished. Three of my daughters are superb pianists, and one of my sons is an excellent cellist.

Well, you could’ve fooled me that you were a musician! (Though in all fairness, I’m clueless about music…) And finally, what has been your favorite book to work on?

I don’t do well answering favorites questions. Every book has a unique quality that makes it beloved. The hardest book to write was Eye of the Oracle, but it has been one of the most loved by readers, so that makes it a favorite. Reapers was a lot of fun, as were two books that haven’t been published yet – The Scent of Her Soul and Let the Ghosts Speak. They are fun because they are so different from other books I have written.

Yes, I’m sure that that’s quite a hard question  to answer … sorry that I had to ask you! Thanks for letting me interview you!

Mr. Davis has some awesome books for sale here (and Amazon), and if you have them at your library GO READ THEM RIGHT NOW.

Also, he has an AMAZING blog that, even if you haven’t read/enjoyed (*gasps* how could you?!) his books, you still should read his blog if you enjoy writing, ’cause he has some awesome tips!

Hey everyone! So, how’s it been going? DID YOU ENJOY MY INTEREVIEW WITH MY FAVORITE AUTHOR OF EVER??? Tell me below in the coments who’s your favorite author, which of Mr. Davis’s books in the picture you think are mine, and what your favorite pasta dish is (and if your gluten-free … I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.)! Talk to you then! 😉