Hey everyone! Guess what? I finally have another short story!

I’m entering (entered) it in a contest that my friend Simi is having in honor of her 3rd blogiversary (enter it, please! You only have ’til the 22nd… Oops.). You write a short story or poem with the theme betrayal and a 500 word max. (Yikes!)

Anyways. This was a short story that I had already planned out, but I … modified it for her contest. (Believe me, the original was emotionally painfully awkward. Yeah…) So, here is the short story!

Amy swiped the back of her hand across her forehead, smearing a bit of paint across her face in the process.

Looking down at her boyfriend who was crouched on the floor, she said, “James, you’re sister’ll love it.”

Amy, James, and Amy’s older brother – Mozart – were all painting an ash tree mural on Marie’s baby nursery why she was visiting family.

“Yeah, she will,” James agreed. “But it’s a shame that we have to go home. I mean, I’m not looking forwards to the driving part – six hours with me having to take a shift.” He shivered in an adorable way.

“I’ll try to stay awake so that you won’t be stuck with just Mose for company.” She sent him a wink.

They worked in silence for a moment, Amy working on the leaves and James on the tree’s detailed root system.

“Hey, Amy…”

“Hm?” Amy looked down and her heart-rate accelerated. James was kneeling, his hands fiddling with something. She tried to keep her grin in check. They had been dating for two years now, ever since her 19th birthday, and she was kinda expecting this, but…

James said something, but Amy was zoning so that she had to ask him to repeat himself.

“Could you get me the paintbrush over there? You know, the tiny one?”

“What? Oh, yes. Of course.”

Amy’s face flushed and she mentally chided herself as she went in search of the missing brush. How could she have been so foolish? Of course James wouldn’t propose, not here. It’d probably be like how Xavier proposed to Marie – at the drive-in theater during The Avengers. That made for an eventful first drive-in experience for Amy.

She found the brush, and brought it to James, who was still kneeling and fiddling with something.

“Found it.”

“Oh, thanks. Amy?”

“What?” she asked, exasperated.

James scratched behind his ear and shrugged one shoulder, so that it was nearly touching his jaw. “I, uh, wanted to ask you something?”

“Yes?” Even though she was still slightly annoyed, Amy had to admit that when James was flustered, he was absolutely adorable. Wait…

His hand reached to his pocket. “Will you-”

The anticipated words were cut off when James fell over, face first, at Amy’s feet and a small box tumbled out of his jacket pocket, along with a washer from his fist.

Amy gasped. It took her a moment to notice that there was a small dart sticking out from the back of his neck, peeking through his collar-length brown hair.

Stunned, Amy collapsed at James’s side.

“It’s no use. He’ll be dead in a moment.”

Amy’s head jerked up to see Mose standing in the nursery entrance.

“What did you do?” Amy shrieked. She felt for a pulse and found none.

Mose shrugged nonchalantly. “Never liked him anyways. Too full of jokes and all.”

Tears blurred her vision. “So you killed him?”

So … how do you all like it? It’s exactly 500 words … my ending count was 700 and some, so I had to cut out the ending. 😉 Why do you think Mose killed him? Let me know in the comments below! And it’s not too late to enter Simi’s contest! (I’d love a little to the death competition friendly competition.)