Good Monday, everyone!

I’m writing this post intermittently with doing my school work: foreign language stuff (Portuguese and a touch of Russian … what? I multi-task!).

And I ask of you something for a moment (yes, what I bad blogger I am!), but you should either (A) listen to this song while reading this post, or (B) watch this video before/after you read this post. (Honestly, I recommend both options to you.)

Now, moving on.

4c50ccff2dc049e79a9a7d6def7644f5I’m not sure how many of you knew this, but I’m a morning person. And after going to youth group (my only social outlet besides blogging and interacting with y’all in the comments), I realized just how little morning people there are. And I’ve grown up hearing all these myths or lies or whatever about morning people

So, here I am, to break some common myths that I’ve heard about my kind! (Haha … watch your backs, night owls.)

(Though I will say, NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME; and if you’re a morning person, you may not be as much so as you think, if you go against my answers.)

We Get Everything Done in the Morning.

Um … NO.

So, there was this time that me and Big Sister and Oldest Younger Brother stayed home while the rest of our family went to the house we’re trying to sell to work on projects. Of course it is 9 or so in the morning, so I asked Mother for chores that we could all do, and kept asking for more until we got a list of 10-15 or so. (Let’s just say that I didn’t get the Best Sister Award that day…)


could be considered a lazy teenager, and I would rather not have any work. But like you “normal” people, we like to spread out our work (when you can get us to do it) throughout the day.

We Can’t Stay Up Late.

Confession Time: I can’t.

Seriously, people.

Like my dad, I can tell when it’s 10 p.m., ’cause I’m getting sleepy, and the movie is hardewolverine-movie-posterr to watch or whatever. 10:30 p.m., I’m a yawning mess and struggling to stay awake during
The Wolverine
. 11 p.m., I don’t even know, I’m always asleep OR at least in bed by then.

But that’s not for all people! I know an awesome college student at our church (who is a very awesome introvert AND morning person), who was telling me that if there’s something worth staying up for her, that she can do it.

And I guess that’s the case with me.

So moral of the story: if you want to do something with your Morning Person friend, invite them! Sure, they might reject you with a sleepy glare if it’s past their bedtime, but whatever!

We Always Wake Up Before the Sun.



This is only PARTLY true!

Morning People like mornings, but that doesn’t mean that we want to get up at 4 a.m. every single day! We may be sick or want to ignore 5 siblings (two of whom you have to share a room with) or just want to finish that good book or whatever!

Sunrises are beautiful things, and us Morning People love them! (Unless you’re a hermit vampire, then, well…)

We Love School. And Mondays.

There are those days when Mondays come and you don’t want to drag yourself out of bed to go to school/work (at least I presume that’s how it works…), and since us Morning People don’t stay up late (check above, please), that we are perfectly fine with starting the slum day know as: Monday. And since after the freedom of the weekend, no one wants to go to school I do!, those Morning People who have no life find it no different than any other day.

Well then.

Not all Morning People are brainiacs, or math geeks, or World-War-Two-Know-It-Alls. *gasp* Some dread school just as much as you. And even if you think that they have nothing to do on a Sunday night, they still might not want to start out the week and loose their little bit of all-day freedom, just as you.

I, though, happen to be one of the lucky ones who likes loves school, and doesn’t mind Mondays

We are Hyper in the Morning and Way, Overly Friendly.

Um, no, guys.

#2 is me

I get hyper at night, which is why people sometimes always confuse me as a Night Owl. I ramble. I need to stare at an acquaintance’s phone with a picture of blueness on it. (True story.)

If you’re like me (which if you’re a Morning Person, then you obviously are), you are hyper on the inside. We can – and will – still snap at you and give you professional death glares, but on the inside we’re skipping around a library. Silently.

All Morning People are Introverts and Bookworms.

Sadly, this one is true.


Not sadly!

So how’d you all think of today’s post? Do you like me busting the myths (meaning … another post coming on???)? And if you’re a morning person: do you agree or disagree with me on these points? Do you have any to add? And night owls: what are some common myths about you? As always, please comment below!