I was going to do Top Ten Tuesday (though on a Wednesday) a couple weeks ago when they were doing Ten Whatever about TV shows. Then you would’ve learned all of my favorite TV shows.

But I didn’t do that.

But! I’m doing it now!

First, I’m going to quickly say something.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I mean, I do more probably than you should, but still not a WHOLE lot. And it is VERY rare for me to watch something on my own (‘cept maybe a YouTube video), so I tend to sit in at times when my mom’s watching The Office, or a show’s episode every couple days. (We also don’t have satellite TV, or whatever it’s called. Only Netflix and dvds and Amazon Prime and stuff.)

Now, to the good stuff! PSYCH! Not yet.

Note: These shows are not in any particular order. Just the order that I put them in. And I don’t LOVE all these shows, I just needed ten shows. So there.

And if you click on the titles, you’ll have a surprise! 😉

Now to the good stuff!

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender


This is basically the whole show.


I just finished this a couple weeks ago and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Two of my siblings and I started watching this together (well, my brother started it, but I a110bfaa81865bfe0a35fe20f8fbc930made him restart and brought my sister with me), and kinda binge-watched it whenever we’d “babysit” the youngers (siblings).

I ADORE Zuko and Aang and Sokka and Appa and-and-and-and-

Seriously, though.

(Also, the same thing as Twinepathy, I am a shipper of Mai and Zuko, ’cause Mai and I have the same MBTI, and it’s the closest I’ll ever get to Zuko. #logic)

2. MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD

agents_of_shield_season_3-1920x1200We’re now on the third season of this and it’s amazing! (Oh, and, FitzSimmons is one of my favorite ships of ever.)
After season two, I was kinda hesitant about starting the third season … but it’s still amazing!

I love all things MARVEL, and this definitely didn’t disappoint!

(Are there any MARVEL fans who CAN’T WAIT for Inhumans in 2019???)

3. Doctor Who

3749be58798e2dc5154668e6ddbc2675‘Kay, so … I’m pretty sure that all of you none of you knew this, but I am a Whovian. What? Don’t look so shocked.

I’ve been watching this with my family ( 😥 ) for just about 4 years … maybe. (Don’t question me, I’m always correct. You all know it.)

And for the record, Tennant is my favorite Doctor (though Capaldi and Hartnell follow), and I love Amy/Rory (not Amy by herself … blah) and Clara. My favorite episode is Midnight. Yeah.

4. Psych

giphyGuys. This show.

Basically it’s this guy who’s SUPER observant and pretends to be psychic by using his “skills” and joins the SBPD.

Did I mention that Shawn’s hilarious?

Yeah. (Oh, and the last episode has a reference to MONK!!!)

Jules and Shawn forever, though! 😛

5. The Pretender

pretenderThis is a show that my parents – well, mostly my mom – use to watch, and convinced us olders (oldest three kids) to watch.

So, when it comes to crime shows, I don’t usually like them. (Yes, I know that I have a lot of crime shows on this list, but my mom and sister (the ones who usually choose the shows) are practically obsessed with them.) To me, they’re just the exact. same. episode. repeated over and over again. This show was no different, but I loved at the end of the season Jared and two spoiler-y peoples’ relationships.

And the second season is ALMOST bought. (Mom bought it … but there was a problem so it wasn’t actually bought…)


41b7a291d54396fc24bcfff1ead8c278My mom and (sometimes) dad watched this show YEARS ago (okay … not that long ago), and a year or so ago, my sister became obsessed with it, and watched them all in no time.

I didn’t start watching them ’til November (riiiight during NaNo), and I watched a few episodes. And I think that I’ve watched maybe two or three episodes since then (remember, I don’t watch much on my own), so I’m maybe 9 episodes in. But I love the show!!!

Basically, it’s this genius (who played Bernard the elf in Santa Claus) who loves math. His brother is a police officer (maybe a higher-up guy?). Charlie (math guy) helps Don (his brother) by using math and stuff. There’s brotherly stuff and it’s ADORABLE. Seriously, though.

(Honestly, I really want to watch this again, now! 😉 )

a5a588d211087bb606d4648cb59f88c47. The Flash

Barry. Allen.

Really, guys, that’s all that you need to know. Grant Gustin did Barry PERFECTLY. Like, he’s this geek who likes his best friend (a little cliche) and has to hid his secret identity.

I got to watch the first couple episodes of season two, but I caaaaan’t waiiiiiiiiit ’til the next season comes on Netflix!!!!

8. Sherlock

6702a5666e7ffbb8b538d77186fce068Yes. If you watch Doctor Who, than, inherently, you watch Sherlock. I blame Moffat.


I love Sherlock! (And yes, yes, guys, I’m GETTING to reading the books … I read the first one or two books in the kid’s series, and I have all the regulars on my phone…) Benedict Cumberbatch (who is going to be Doctor Strange … ACK!) did Sherlock PERFECTLY, in my opinion. And Martin Freeman? Once a hobbit, always a hobbit. Yeah, that makes sense.

Each episode is, like, and hour and a half long, and each season only has three episodes in it. AND IT’S A TWO YEAR WAIT BETWEEN EACH SEASON. *dies*

9. Merlin

Actually, our family finished this series a few years ago, but STILL. I kinda want to go back and watch all of them…

This was legitimately in an episode.

This is another BBC show (you guys are AWESOME!!!), and I love it! All the characters are amazing! ‘Cept Arthur’s father … uh-uh.

The ending, though. Really?! That can’t be the end!!!!

(And for any Merlin fans, who thinks that Merlin and Gwen would’ve been ADORABLE together??!!)

10. Monk

763f608a9d888149fdaed49c38a50abdTo quickly put something into perspective, I watched my first Monk episode when I was six, just saying. And that was at my grandparents who are VERY strict about that kind of stuff. Way to go them.

And later that year (when Monk was still on Netflix), my sister, who was eight at the time, started watching all the episodes. So I joined in on it when I was maybe seven. Really.

Anyways, so this show has very fond memories for me. I. just. love. it.

(Did any of you who watched the show get uber annoyed with how Trudy’s death changed every season? I mean, ugh!)

So that was a longer post. Did y’all like it? What are some of your favorite TV shows? Do you share any of mine (fangirl with me in the comments!!)? Please comment below! 😀