Hey guys …. so, we’re back! Well, I’m back. Well, me and the characters that is. *titters nervously*

So, before we begin, can I just say something real quick? Yes, great! No, too bad! So … I’m not sure how many of you post your writings on the blogosphere, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking! In all of my previous sections it was more of an introduction to the characters (though it needs A LOT of cleaning up!) then anything else …. so, yes, I’m nervous. So please be gentle with me … ahem. Yes.

Anyways, if you’re new here, Broken Reflections is a story I’m writing (I’m not sure if I’d call it a novel since I’m not sure if it’ll be anywhere other than my blog…), but it’s about a bunch of teenagers who I almost just said a spoiler all have superpowers. So, just think X-Men-ish, ‘kay?

So, here are all of my previous parts (I’m promise that it’ll get more exciting, just bear with me!) in case you’re new and want to try it out (bless your soul!), or you love it and want to catch up (equally bless your soul!):

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Eugene waited a moment before saying, “Sawyer, what has your Mother told you of my … institution?”

I hesitated before I answered. “Nothing, actually. Mom only told me that I would be going to your “institution” moments before you arrived.”

Good. That gives me a chance to explain it myself.”

I waited for Eugene to explain, but he didn’t. We were both in an awkward silence until Mom came back with Dr. Rolland.

Sawyer, sorry I couldn’t come sooner, but an unexpected patient came,” Dr. Rolland explained. “Anyways, how are you feeling? Nurse Cali told me that you weren’t feeling well?”

No, I’m fine, actually. Alice was just a little paranoid,” I responded.

Dr. Rolland nodded, then turned to Eugene. “And who are you?” he asked politely.

I’m Dr. Eugene Drupe,” Eugene said.

Ah yes, of course. Well Sawyer is ready to be released into your care,” Dr. Rolland said. “Thank you for stepping in and taking care of Sawyer.” Then Dr. Rolland turned back to me. “I’ll have Nurse Cali come back. I hope you get better.”

After Dr. Rolland nodded, he left.

I sat, confused. I sat like that until Nurse Cali came back in.

While Nurse Cali started to turn off machines and take out tubes, no one talked. No one. It was more then a little awkward.

I was just about to brake the silence, when Nurse Cali said, “All finished. The paperwork’s all signed, so your free to go.”

All of her earlier friendliness gone. She turned on her heel and left.

Mrs. Ali, after you say goodbye to your son, Sawyer and I will leave. It’s a long trip back,” Eugene explained.

Mom nodded, tears filling her eyes. I stood up, and she rushed to me, giving me a hug so hard I thought I’d die.

I love you. So very much,” Mom whispered in my ear.

I nodded, my throat tightening as well. “I love you too, Mom. But … but where am I going?”

Dr. Eugene is going to take you to a place where he can help you,” Mom said.

You told me know that before. But where is there?” I questioned, still confused.

All Mom did was shake her head.

And if I’m leaving right now, then how will I say goodbye to Aunt Carmen, and Johnny, and the others? I mean I can’t just leave without talking to them.”

Mom averted her eyes, and I pulled myself from her embrace.

Mom,” I said, raising my voice slightly, then quickly dropping it. “I don’t want to go.”

I’m sorry Sawyer, it’s for the best.”

Mrs. Ali, I think it’s best if you go now,” Eugene said softly.

Mom nodded, then I watched her go, leaving me with just Eugene.

We both stood there, and silence reigned once again. Seriously, there was a lot of silence this morning.

Well,” Eugene started, “we must leave. It’s a long trip.”

How long exactly?”

What was I saying? I wasn’t going to go with this stranger, even if Mom and the doctors thought it for the best.

But instead of resisting, I just followed Eugene out of the door and down the hall. I looked around desperately, hoping to see a familiar face, but I saw none. Not even Clara’s grimy one.

Then a thought suddenly struck me. That’s what this is all about! Eugene was a psychiatrist, and I was going to a mental institution. But that wasn’t fair! I hadn’t even been properly tested to be taken to an institution!

But now Eugene and I were already almost to the front door.

What about clothes?” I gestured to the hospital gown that I was wearing. If I had to go waltzing about like this, I’d die of embarrassment long before I reached Eugene’s institution.

Eugene didn’t even look. “I have something for you to wear.”

Creepy? I think so.

So, guys, there you go!! I think that the next couple parts were some of my favorite parts to write … lots of new characters! I hope to be posting BR every Friday. (Though, I may miss next Friday’s since I’ll be out of state … but hopefully not! 🙂 ) Do you all think that Sawyer is going insane? Are you glad that BR is back???? Let me know down below, along with some speculations, I love those! 😀