Hey friends! So … I’m sick. Yay. But I thought that I’d give you the next piece of Broken Reflections, ‘specially since I missed Friday’s. (I’ll also miss this Friday … so I may try a different day. We’ll see.) Please enjoy!

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We went outside, and I felt exposed in the gown. Luckily, the car that Eugene led me to wasn’t to far. It was a red Ford truck, a tarp covering the bed. He climbed in and told me to get into the passenger seat.

What about clothes?”

He reached behind his seat, and I flinched. But he handed me a wad of clothes.

Where do I change?”

He gestured to the back seats.


If you want to put them on, hurry. If not, sit down and put your seat belt on.” Eugene put the key in, and started the car, as if to make his point.

I made a quick decision, and climbed into the back seat, though still self-conscious.

I took off the gown and put on the jeans, a long sleeved black t-shirt, and socks. Which were all exactly my size. Yeah.

I then climbed into the front seat and buckled my seat belt. Eugene pulled the car out of the parking lot, and we were off.

You might want to get some sleep,” Eugene said, and I could detect some kindness in his voice.

I just slept plenty,” I replied, wide awake.

Well, as I said, it’s a long trip and I thought you might want to avoid more awkward silence,” Eugene said, keeping his eyes trained on the highway.

I nodded. I turned to my side and stared out the window. And to my surprise, I drifted off to sleep.


Sawyer,” Eugene’s voice called, and I felt a hand shaking my shoulder.

Yeah?” I opened my eyes hesitantly, unsure of what I’d see.

We’re here.”


Eugene nodded as he climbed out of the truck.

I looked out the windshield. We were in the woods, one that was filled with pine trees. The smell of it reached my nose, and I let a smile cross my face.

Are you coming or not?” Eugene asked. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder, waiting by a short pine tree.

Uh, yeah.” I clamored out of the truck, slammed the door, and walked the short distance to Eugene.

I know. Walk into the woods with a strange man, but that thing was happening again. No matter what I wanted to do, I’d just agree with Eugene and do whatever he wanted to do.

We walked over a carpet of pine needles for a few yards until we came to a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a normal white house, a little out of place in the wood. Scattered around the clearing were small guesthouses, all painted a pale blue.

What is this place?” I asked, partially in awe of the tranquil scene, and partially in fear that I was in the woods with a complete stranger.

This,” Eugene said, gesturing at the clearing, “this is your new home.”

With that, he walked to the farmhouse, leaving me no choice but to follow.

We stepped inside the house and I looked around. The walls were all painted with a warm brown, and there was simple furniture set about the room: two wooden rocking chairs set up around a brick fire place; a couch along the wall; and a writing desk with an uncomfortable looking wooden chair.

Eugene pulled out a cellphone and pushed a few button before putting his phone away.

Who were you texting?” I asked.

You’ll see,” Eugene responded mysteriously. Then he gestured at the rocking chairs. “Take a seat.”

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