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I hesitated before sitting down. On the wall were five pictures, two boys and three girls. None of them look like they were related in any way, unless Eugene had adopted them all.

The door opened and I turned around. Coming in were five teenagers – the same as the five on the wall, just in their pictures they were younger.

They exchanged some words with Eugene, and when he pointed me out and they seemingly saw me for the first time.

I stood, feeling it was the right thing to do. They all gawked at me. I looked down at myself, but didn’t notice anything. But then I saw my hands, all covered in white pocks, and I remembered that I was covered with scars. What a great first impress I’d make, looking like some street fighter.

They all just stood there, whispering to each other.

Well? Have you all forgotten your manners? Introduce yourself.” Eugene gestured towards me impatiently.

They were still staring at me, no longer whispering.

Um, well, I’m Sawyer Ali,” I said nervously.

I stuck out my hand, but they all glanced at it and took a step back, as if I had some kind of contagious disease; which I possibly did.

Eugene prodded the girl closest to him in the arm.

She sighed. “I’m Paige Sark.” She stiffly grasped my hand and I shook it and she quickly retreated. Not awkward at all.

She looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. She had blonde hair that just reached her shoulders, and her blue eyes held skepticism. I stole a glance at her picture, and she looked the exact same in her mannerisms. No smile, arms folded over her chest.

My heart ached as her appearance reminded me of my cousin, just lacking the warmth.

I’m Alla Rivers,” the second girl said,with a small smile.

I looked at her picture as well. She was younger in the photo, six or so instead of her now fourteenish age. Her brown was now cut to just below her ears, whereas her picture hair was longer. The only reason I could connect the girl to her picture was her scrawny frame, cocoa skin, and friendly hazel eyes.

I held out my hand as well, but she pushed past it and gave me a shy shrug in a way that good ol’ friends would do.

The other three went as well, and with each I could find differences from the pictures. Colleen Ada Tate was a girl with frizzy, crazy red hair and bright green eyes, freckles were scattered across her face. She gave me a shy smile as well.

James Green had curly, sandy blond hair and mischievous brown eyes. He let loose a grin that told you he was a prankster, and his tight grip around my hand told me that he could do some real damage.

Finally it left one kid. He introduced himself as Andy Ericsson. As Paige, he kept his smile to himself, only sharing a nod in my direction. His black hair was all matted, and his grey eyes were guarded.

Now that we’re all introduced,” Eugene began, “Sawyer, come with me.”

I nodded, glad to be out from Paige and Andy’s skeptical gazes. The five sat down, and Eugene led me to what apparently was the kitchen.

When we sat down I asked, “Who were those people? They don’t resemble you in the slightest. And I really don’t see you as the adoption sort.”
“Didn’t you hear them introduce themselves?” Eugene asked, though I had a feeling that he knew exactly what I was talking about.

All I did was roll my eyes.

“Remember, I run an institution? Anyways, I need you to sit right there. I’ll need to take a picture of you,” Eugene said, standing up.

Wait, why?” I shot to my feet as well.

It’s what we do when someone new comes,” Eugene said calmly. He looked straight into my eyes, and I quickly averted my gaze. He pulled out his phone. “Now, stand against that wall if you refuse to stay seated.” He pointed to the one kitchen wall that had nothing on it.

I walked over uncertainly and stood, my back to the wall. “This good?”
Why was I doing this?


I gave a small smile and he took a picture with his slightly outdated phone; a flash leaving colors in my vision.

Okay, great. Now, let’s get you situated,” Eugene said and walked back to the main room.

The five teenagers were still all in the exact same spot that they were when we left them.

Sawyer, you’ll be bunking with Andy. So you both are free to settle in. The rest of you, you know the drill,” Eugene stated.

I flicked my gaze to Andy. I would’ve much preferred James, even if I did wake up with a permanent marker mustache.

But the others nodded and started to leave. Andy didn’t even say anything to me, but he walked out with the others.

Hey, Andy!” I called. He didn’t even turn around. “Andy?”

What?” he snapped, turning to me. Not necessarily in a mean way … but like a morning person kept up ’til after ten.

I don’t know what I’m suppose to do or where I’m suppose to go,” I said. A knot formed in my throat, and my words cracked.

And that’s my problem because?”

Dr. Eugene said that we’d be bunking together, so I assumed that you’d at least tell me where I’m staying.”

Andy rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he grumbled.

He marched off, and I followed him. We walked to the farthest guesthouse, one hundred or so yards from the farmhouse. Andy went inside, and I stood awkwardly outside, unsure if I should go in or not.

Are you coming or not?” Andy called.

Yeah, I am.”

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