A Cool Picture of Paige

I’m baaack!!! So, everybody’s favorite post is here: the next part in Broken Reflections! Yay! (Also, come on Monday to hear a tiny bit about BR.)

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How was I going to be staying with this guy? All the times I’d thought that my cousins were annoying seemed like heaven compared to the solemness of the kids here.

I stepped inside. I don’t know what I was expecting – a huge mess or Gothic decor or something – but it was nice. Not fancy, but everything was in its place and neat. Not something that I would’ve expected from Andy.

This is where you stay?” I asked incredulously.

And if you mess anything up. Anything.” Andy held up a clenched fist. I normally would’ve chuckled at a gesture like that, but the glint in his eyes told me that he’d follow through on a threat.

I held up my hands. “Got it. Don’t touch anything.”

Andy nodded and lowered his fist.

He went off into a different room.

“Gee, thanks, roomie,” I whispered.

I looked more closely at the room, now without his criticizing glare – though I didn’t touch anything.

There was a beat up couch, a coffee table, a recliner, an old TV, and some scattered chairs that looked less then comfortable. There was also a fireplace, though this one wasn’t near as big as the one in the farmhouse, and this one held things on the mantel. Odds and ends were placed here and there, toys for young children, small souvenirs, and the like. But those held my attention for only seconds. My eyes were drawn to the three picture frames.

The first two pictures held much smaller Andys, though it was definitely him. His smile was too big for his small face, giving him a youthful look. Standing beside him in both photos was a toddler. She had the same black hair and blue eyes as Andy. She must’ve been a relative, most likely a younger sister.

But in the third one the girl was missing and Andy looked slightly older then the previous to photos. Standing with Andy was a younger Eugene, in his early thirties maybe.

What are you doing?” Andy snapped, appearing behind me.

Looking at the pictures. If you didn’t want me to look at them then you shouldn’t have left them out,” I replied.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say.

Do you think I wanted you to be here? Let alone knew you were coming?” Andy burst out. His pale skin was already rapidly turning red.

I didn’t know I was coming either!” I shouted, something I didn’t normally do. “And how didn’t you know that Dr. Eugene was going to kidnap me? I bet you were part of the plan. What did you do? Forge fake papers? I bet Eugene’s not even a doctor!”

Shut up! Don’t talk about things you don’t know of! You should thank Dr. Eugene for bringing you here! If it weren’t for him you’d be in great danger!”

Oh? And how would you know that if you didn’t plan it!”

The door slammed open behind me.

What is it? What’s going on?” a girl’s voice asked.

I spun around and saw Colleen Ada.

Nothing,” Andy growled.

Colleen Ada turned to me and raised an eyebrow.

Uh, yeah. Nothing’s going on,” I said. Even if I didn’t want to be here, I didn’t want to be branded the snitch – and not the Harry Potter kind.

Colleen Ada nodded slowly. “Okay. Did Andy show you your room?”

Not yet.”

Well then, let me.”

Colleen Ada headed off in the hall that Andy had come from. I quickly caught up to her.

How do you know where I’ll be staying?” I asked.

You’ll find out tomorrow,” Colleen Ada said mysteriously as she tossed me a wink.

What do you mean by that?”

She just smiled at me and wiggled her eyebrows like a pro.

The hallway had three doors, two closed, one open. The open one led to a bathroom. Colleen Ada took me to the farthest door and opened it.

Here you are,” Colleen Ada announced.

I stepped in. The walls were a pale blue, as was the rest of the house. A sheet-less bed was tucked in the corner, and a small dresser was under the only window.

Wow. Impressive,” I said sarcastically.

Hey. Once you get some stuff in here, it’ll feel just like home.” As Colleen Ada said it, a shadow crossed her face.

What’s wrong?” I asked. I didn’t know her, but she’d been the nicest to me so far.

What? Oh, nothing.” She shook her head and her smile returned.

Hey, why did you come?”

That? Oh. Dr. Eugene told me to come and get you and Andy to help and carry in groceries. He only goes once every two months or so, so he really stocks up.”

Okay. Sure, I guess.”

As I walked out with Colleen Ada and Andy, I could tell that something was bothering Colleen Ada, and Andy was still mad at me for some reason.

Inside of myself I still felt angry. Why did Eugene need to bring me here? Why couldn’t I stay with Mom or Aunt Carmen? But yet, the other part of me felt like I could belong here, instead of my usually slightly out of place self.

What was I thinking? I hated it here. At least, until Colleen Ada had come in. I still wasn’t sure about her though, at least she was nice.

Colleen Ada, Andy, and I were just coming out of the door when Andy noticeably quickened his place. Colleen Ada was quiet so I said, “You know, pale blue is my favorite color.”

She gave me a sideways smile. “Really?”

Yeah. Well, more of a frosted blue actually.”

Nice. I happen to like purple. A plum purple to be exact.”

I gave her a smile in return. She seemed pretty cool. If Alla and James were anything like Colleen Ada, than maybe staying here wouldn’t be so bad.

Eugene was waiting for us at the house’s doorstep.

Groceries are in the truck bed,” Eugene said. “The other’s have already started.”

I nodded and the three of us set off down the worn path to the truck. Paige, Alla, and James were coming back, each shouldering some cloth bags.

Why doesn’t Dr. Eugene just drive the truck back?” I asked.

Colleen Ada shrugs. “Who knows why. But it’d make a heck of a lot more sense.”

So how are you all liking Colleen Ada? Andy? Interesting fact: Both were just planned (hahaha, as IF I planned 😉 ) to be in a couple pages. Buuuut I found them to much fun to do that with them. 😛 Anyways, comment below, like always!!!