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November 2016

Haunted – A Short Story

Hey guys! I'm finally posting a new short story! I'm pretty excited for this one! 😉 Sorry for breaking my posting steak, but I was at my relatives who have the most HORRID internet ever, so I didn't get anything up.... Continue Reading →

The Book Room Challenge

Hello. Let's get started right away, shall we? Simi tagged me for this, so let's do this! Rules: Write 3 of your own books as rooms. They can be finished, works in progress, or even just ideas, but they have to... Continue Reading →

Broken Reflections Part 17

Hey peoples!! Guess what???? I've posted three times this week! That's my goal! Yay me! So today we have another Friday of Broken Reflections, this time bringing Sawyer and Clara's previous conversation to a close. (It's a little bit longer of... Continue Reading →

Paraphrasing 7 Movies

Hey guys! Guess what?? I'm on a streak of two posts so far this week! Yay!! And as I said on Monday, I'm doing a movie post today. I'm taking seven movies that I love (and one that my siblings... Continue Reading →

More News + Broken Reflections Part 16

Heya everyone!!! So I'm very sorry about not posting on Friday, but that leads into some exciting news... FINISHED NANOWRIMO YESTERDAY (the 13th)!!! I have 50,228 words, and I never want to see the story again. #jokingnotreally I literally spent all this previous... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Books ~ The Update

Hello friends! I'm so very sorry for all of you who hate my writing and their updates (then why are you even here...???), but you've still got this stuff for the rest of November (and eternity ... mwahahaha!). Though I... Continue Reading →

NaNo ~ Announcement ~ Broken Reflections #15

So hello everyone! In case you didn't know by all of the NaNo post going on. And I'm doing Broken Reflections!! Yay! Yeah, I'm really have fun with it! 😀 (I also really missed some characters *cough* James and etc.... Continue Reading →

I’m Tagged Again!!!!

Hey guys! So guess what??? I'm here???  Yeah, how could you guess? 😛 Anyways. I was feeling like doing a tag the other day. And guess what? During lunch that day I saw that Writefury had tagged me! Yay! It... Continue Reading →

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