Hey guys! So guess what??? I’m here???  Yeah, how could you guess? 😛

Anyways. I was feeling like doing a tag the other day. And guess what? During lunch that day I saw that Writefury had tagged me! Yay! It was for a tag that I’d already done, but I’d really wanted to do it. So, yep.

The Wisteria Writing Tag


Which character of yours would you get along with best?

Probably James. I wrote him for comedy relief, and I really happen to like those types of people.

Which character would you get along with the worst?

Huh. Well, probably …. I’m thinking …. uh …. maybe …. I don’t know! They’re all my little babies! Okay, yeah, that just got weird.

Maybe Meryl or Devin from my other WIP.

How does music apply to your writing?

Uh … what? #deadbrain

So, I really like classical for Broken Reflections, ’cause, well, I don’t know. Originally it was a lot more science-y. But then Acacia *growls* made it a little hard to work with that. But I still did a mountain of research (yay! I love research!). So I guess because it’s a little “higher” intelligence? *face palm* I probably just accidentally insulted fifty people.

Moving on…

Your opinion on NaNoWriMo?

Haha. So, those of you who know me (so … no one, really?) know that I am REALLY competitive. (Not all the time… Come on, guys, I DO have a sense of timing.)

Yes. NaNo is very good for me because I like to beat other people. And I’m also one of those people who writes a bunch at once. Yay NaNo.

incredibles-syndrome-biggest-fanWho would you call the biggest fans of your writing?

Simi, definitely! She’s always so encouraging and it is SUPER fun to read her comments! XD (Also, check out her blog!!)

Do you like writing description or dialog better?

Um, dialog, definitely! I like funny one-liners. And dialog just always flows better for me.

What font do you write in?

Times New Roman with a font size of 12 on Microsoft Word Doc.

Do you snack while you’re writing?

Yeah. Considering that I usually write during a meal. But yeah. Cheerios and fruit make good snacks.

Computer in your lap or on a desk?

I have a VERY hard time writing on a desk. Like, I try at a table and it’s IMPOSSIBLE. So definitely my lap.

ee03a4746483384662c68ff0a948cd64If your projects were your kids, what would those kids be like?

Oh, this’ll be GOOD.

So, Meryl’s Story is probably like a teenager. It was different then what I was expecting … so a bit rebellious. An in-between-er sibling, sweet with the youngers and competitive with the older. Also a bit of a Roman geek.

Broken Reflections is your sweet, super hero obsessed little one. (Okay, like, low teens, maybe?)  He’s also pretty smart – though not genius level. He loves the color blue. But he also has a bit of a dark side. But loves ice cream.

Saving Kendall is a little girl (maybe ten, eleven, or twelve) with a little brother whom she adores. She’s super sweet, but loves to debate with you. She also loves to listen about any time before she was born. (By the way, Kendall is the MC’s little brother.)

I have a plethora of sorta-not-really-plotted-out stories that I could’ve done, but after awhile, all your children blend together. It happens.

So, guys, how was that? Have you missed me doing some tags??? I didn’t tag anyone, but if you want to (say you’re wearing blue … and don’t worry, you can hurry up and change 😉 ), you can do it with the same questions! Leave a link below!!! Please comment!