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04cdc792b6328bea6625c7f881cd5fbcLastly, it’s Broken Reflection time!!! It’s now Part 15! Whew! That’s a lot! Need caught up? Don’t worry! I have all of them collected right here for you. Now aren’t I nice? πŸ˜‰

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β€œColleen Ada!” Andy scolded.

Colleen Ada lowered her head, and sped up her steps.

β€œWhy’d you do that?” I asked Andy. β€œYou don’t want her agreeing with me?”

β€œThat’s not it!” Andy said, his face reddening again. β€œYou just don’t understand. Yet.”

β€œWhat’s that suppose to mean?” I asked, my face warming as well.

Colleen Ada placed her hand on my arm. β€œSawyer, don’t.” She looked pointedly at Andy. β€œHe didn’t mean anything.”

My face cooled, and I relaxed slightly.

We got to the truck. Each of us burdening ourselves with at least four bags each. The six of us kids went back and forth until the hundred or so grocery bags had been carried in. This guy sure knew how to binge-shop.

By the time we were done, I was exhausted. I had shoved my sleeves up past my elbows, but despite that, I was still sweating.

β€œI can’t imagine how much that must’ve cost,” I said.

β€œThat’s not the most that Dr. Eugene’s gotten at one time,” Alla said, a smile gracing her pretty face. β€œIt took us forever to carry in everything.”

β€œWhat time is it?” I asked. β€œI’m famished.”

Alla looked down at her wrist where she had a watch. β€œDinner time.”

Colleen Ada and James joined the two of us.

β€œWhat’s for dinner?” I asked. I now was starting to feel more at ease with these kids, well, except Andy. And I haven’t gotten much of a chance to get a read on Paige. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go home, and if I had the opportunity, I would. But I was, well, fitting in. Well, despite my scar pocked skin and being the newbie. But, you know.

β€œLet’s see, what’s today?” James said to himself. β€œThursday, so…” He looked down at me with his lanky, towering frame. β€œMashed potatoes.”

β€œSo, do we eat in the main house?” I asked.

Colleen Ada nodded. β€œActually, we should be going there right now.” She took Alla’s wrist and looked at the watch. β€œAnd … Seven, six, five, four, three, two, and now.”

As she said the last word, three different ring tones went off in unison.

β€œHow did you do that?” I asked incredulously.

Colleen Ada took a phone from her back pocket and turned off her alarm, as did Alla and James. β€œDr. Eugene has very strict rules, which I’m sure he’ll go over tonight during dinner, but anyways, if you’re not at dinner at exactly six thirty, then you don’t eat.”

β€œThat’s child abuse!” I cried. Then a thought struck me. β€œSo we’re missing dinner right now.” My stomach rumbled at the thought. I liked my food.

James smiled. β€œPaige set up our phones with five minute warning alarms.”

I tensed at the name of the solemn girl. Being considerate didn’t really seem to fit the image that she had projected to me.

β€œWhich means,” Alla said, β€œwe should go inside and be a smidgen early.”

I smiled as we walked inside the farmhouse. I could really get use to it here. We walked into the main room, then to the kitchen, which smelled delicious. We went to the other side of the kitchen to a door that I hadn’t noticed when I was in there before.

Inside the door was a dining room. It was of decent size, a huge oak table was at the center of the room and chairs surrounded it. We all sat down.

The table was ladened with food: Two heaping bowls of mashed potatoes that smelled of freshly melted butter, a pitcher of iced lemonade that sat between them had beads of sweat on the glass, green beans with bacon chunks in them still had steam floating up from them, fluffy rolls set on the individual plates set at everyone’s plates. My mouth was watering just looking at the meal.

Soon after we had sat down, Andy and Paige arrived. It wasn’t until then that I noticed there wasn’t enough chairs if Eugene joined us.

β€œWe’re short one chair,” I announced.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had noticed. Colleen Ada stood up.

β€œI know where we have another char. I’ll just quickly get.”

β€œBut we only have a minute and a half,” Alla protested, nervously looking at her watch.

β€œI’ll be right back, it’s just in the other room.” With that, Colleen Ada left.

I sat waiting. Anxiety welded in me, and I could tell that everyone else felt it as well. If Colleen Ada was late, surely Eugene would let her eat … right? No one could deny a kid food.

Eugene walked in just as I heard five ring tones go off. He was wearing a smile, but then looked at our anxious faces, and his smile evaporated. β€œWhere’s Colleen Ada? She’s usually so punctual.”

β€œUm, Dr. Eugene,” I began, β€œshe went to get another chair for me, because, you see, there’s one chair short.”

β€œI’m sorry I’m late,” Colleen Ada said, bursting in, a folding chair under one arm.

β€œYou know the rules. If your late, no eating. You may go back to your room.”

Colleen Ada nodded, put down the folding chair in the doorway, then left, scuffing her feet along the floor.

β€œYou can’t do that!”

β€œAs you can see, Sawyer, I just did. I have rules here. Rules that are meant to be followed. Now hold your tongue unless you’d like no dinner as well.”

My face flaming, I looked down.

Heya, guys! So?? Do you like the no-food rule? I don’t! πŸ˜› Now for a question … what is your favorite decade of music? (I like the 50s.) Aaaaaand if you would guess that anyone of these characters is a vegetarian, who do you think it is? (Hint: One of them is. πŸ˜‰ ) Please comment and check out Jessica’s blog!!! Se y’all later!