Heya everyone!!! So I’m very sorry about not posting on Friday, but that leads into some

Haha, just kidding. Maybe. >:D

exciting news…


I have 50,228 words, and I never want to see the story again. #jokingnotreally

This was literally me. (Poor Jessica had to listen to my rantings..)

I literally spent all this previous weekend writing. The whole day(s). On Friday I wrote about 7,000 words. On Saturday, I wrote just over 11,000 words (breaking my previous record of 10 or so thousand). On Sunday, I wrote a total of 15,000 some words, bringing me to an end of NaNo. It was insane.

Anyways, since you can’t officially “win” until later in November, I’m still going to be trying to write 1,500 a day, but we’ll see…

So yeah. I’m not about 3/5 of the way done (with 165 pages total), though I’m hoping to get 350 pages in the first draft (the second one will hopefully most likely end up with more pages). Which is pretty exciting. Also, I’m getting to more superpowers, so, yeah. >:D

Now onto other news.

After my sister got her blog, I’ve been thinking about redoing my site (since I really had to help her a lot with that). Actually, I redid my site design (thanks, Simi, the only one who giphy-facebook_scommented about the difference!! 🙂 ), but I’ve thought about choosing a different blog name.

So if you have some name suggestions, then comment below with them! (Also, another thing that got me rethinking about this, is that Simi is also wanting to change her blog name, so go over and help her with that!)

And upcoming posts ideas! I’m well aware that not all (not even remotely close!) of those who follow/read my blog like to read Broken Reflections, so I’ve been thinking of some different and fun posts. On Wed. I’m doing a fun Disney/movie post that you definitely won’t want to miss (I’m totally not trying to advertise…). And then on Mon. I’m doing a WIP tag that Simi tagged me for, which’ll be cool.

Anyways, now onto Broken Reflections!27e36cba4688a26c664e2bb64055f415

Are you new? Or do you need to catch up? Please read the previous parts that I’ve painstakingly effortlessly gathered for you!

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Eugene spooned a small helping of potatoes onto his plate, then everyone else fought over who got what. Since I was the newbie, I naturally went last on the pecking order.

I sat there, staring at my plate of less-than-my-usual helpings, feeling slightly guilty that Colleen Ada wasn’t able to be eating any of this. But quickly, my hunger took over.

Eugene sighed, than said, “It’s a shame that Colleen Ada isn’t here, because we had special vegetarian options for her.”

His observation was met with silence, even the eating slowed.

Though James quickly started to eat more of his plate, over-exaggerating his eating so as to break-up the awkward silence. It did wonders.

Everyone went back to eating, though it was silent except for the clinking of spoons on the bowls, until Eugene spoke up again.

Since you’ll be staying with us, Sawyer, I’ll go over the rules.”

Grumbles rose from the throats of everyone, though they were silenced by a look from Eugene.

As I was saying: the rules. As it’s already been demonstrated by Colleen Ada, if your late to a meal for any reason, you don’t get to eat. Those meals are at eight, eleven forty five, and six thirty. Also, no boys in girls’ houses, and vice versa. I also expect you to be in the main room at nine sharp. If not, you’ll be punished severely.”

cc935631422c06835cacdefa2eca0817Eugene continued to layer on the rules. No leaving the clearing unless he said so, no back talking or ‘attitude problems’, wake up time is six thirty to seven thirty, lights out is at nine, ten on weekends, and so forth.

For each I just nodded my head, knowing that with my terrible memory I’d forget them fast. As he talked, I shoveled in spoonful after spoonful of mashed potatoes. They were seriously good. Could such a strict man as Eugene cook such wonderful food? It was too good-tasting to be from a box.

Finally Eugene was done talking and going into each rule with detail. All of us had finished eating, save Eugene, but he dismissed us anyways.

As everyone dispersed, I followed Andy back to our little house. At a distance of course. He immediately went to his room and I heard the door lock. I took a glance at the mantel and saw that it had been cleared of everything. Now is sat bare. I didn’t know when he could’ve had time to have done it.

I went to my room. I still had no sheets, but I lay on the bed anyways. I do have to admit, though, that it sure was a comfortable bed. I quickly let sleep claim me.

I awoke to someone shaking my arm. I opened my eyes and saw Andy’s pale face. Not exactly the first thing you want to see in the morning.

It’s seven fifteen, time for you to get up,” Andy stated, then he spun on his heel and marched out the door.

Well good morning to you too,” I mumbled.

I sat up and looked out the window. Despite the surrounding trees, sunlight was streaming into the room, making dust particles dance.

I just sat there. Sure I missed my family, but it wasn’t near as much as I had expected. I felt as if I could call this place home.

My thoughts were interrupted by a tap on my arm. I looked over, expecting to see Andy again, but instead, Clara was standing there, her scarred face staring at me. Since I was sitting on my low bed, she was about eye to eye with me.

Hey,” I said lamely. I really wasn’t much of a morning person. Or a night person. I just liked my sleep.

A relived smile crossed her face. “I was so worried that he hurt you.”

Who hurt me? Andy? Because I’m sure he would love to.”

No.” Clara leaned in closer. “Dr. Eugene.”

What? Sure he’s really strict, but hurting me?”

Why was I defending the man who had kidnapped me? Especially when I had only met him yesterday? But it just came naturally.
“Believe me, he will,” Clara said, his voice barely above a whisper. I was surprised bright flamy symbol on the black backgroundwhen tears welled in her brown eyes.

Did he do something to you?” I asked incredulously.

Clara looked away.

What? Are you okay? When?” I questioned; concerned. I felt as if Clara were my little sister who was smarter then me times a million.

Clara sniffled, then waved her hand. “It’s fine. But you have to get out of here! Dr. Eugene is a horrible, evil man. Quickly you will become his prisoner.”

This is the song that goes under the post. It has nothing to do with the words that you just read, so for now we’ll just have to say … Hey! So, does anyone have any post ideas or blog names for me? I’d love to hear them! (Hint: I love things that have to do with fire … 😉 ) How are you all doing at NaNo (did you buddy me??), and did you like the BR post? Please tell me in the comments below! Chao!