Hey guys! Guess what?? I’m on a streak of two posts so far this week! Yay!!

And as I said on Monday, I’m doing a movie post today. I’m taking seven movies that I love (and one that my siblings just turned on … but whatever), so don’t think that I’m making fun of them!

Anyways, I did them all in one paragraph, so I hope that you get the gist!

(Oh, and, ps: Some of theses DO contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched them yet … then just be warned!!)

Brother Bear

So, there’s this guy (isn’t there always?). He has a horrid temper. This said guy kills his future best friend’s mom, but not after his future best friend’s mom kills this guy’s beloved oldest brother. Then this guy gets turned into a bear and befriends his future best friend. This guy’s other older brother (not as beloved) tries to kill his bro. Then everything gets resolved.


You have a preppy bunny who is overly enthusiastic. She lives a life that is completely unrealistic. She gets an uppity-up job while saving the city in the process.

The Maze Runner

There’s a bunch of guys who are stuck in a walled-up few acres. A girl comes (and .. . no one gets any ideas) and bam! Suddenly Thomas (our main dude) is brilliant at everything, and tries to save the day. And then there’s just a bunch of grungy guys and running.


Anna makes horrible trust decisions and everything turns out okay.


Meet Buddy the elf. He’s a thirty-something guy who’s grown up with elves after he was stolen by Santa. Buddy the elf goes to New York – the land of dreams. Buddy makes a fool of himself, then ends up with the perfect girl and a little daughter and lives (?) with his father. In elf-land.

Civil War

Tony’s frolicking in the meadows (not really), until he thinks that his only friend’s best friend killed his parents. Then he and his friends have a petty (not really) little argument and try to kill each other, bringing their business partners into it.


The whole time, nobody knows what the heck is going on. Buildings bend and people float. You can enter minds and give them an idea without knowing it. Our main guy with an odd name meets his psychopathic wife. And the people (most of them) still have no idea what is happening. And then when we end, we have no idea if the guy lives with his kids.

And there you guys go! Do you think that I did a good (or bad) job?? Can you paraphrase some of YOUR favorite movies down in the comments below?? Give me your best! πŸ˜€ See y’all later!