Hey guys! I’m finally posting a new short story! I’m pretty excited for this one! 😉

Sorry for breaking my posting steak, but I was at my relatives who have the most HORRID internet ever, so I didn’t get anything up. Anyways, if you want me to post BR on Wednesday, I can. Or maybe a double post on Friday. Or maybe pretend like it didn’t happen, then comment below with your opinion!

Anyways, this short story is a little on the creepy side (at least it is for me as I write it alone in my dark room at midnight) compared to my others, so I just be warned. Interestingly, I came up with this while babysitting seven kids in someone’s basement this evening. Hmm.

Whatever. I hope that you like it, and as always, comment below with your thoughts!


I sat in our basement playroom. My dolls were currently having a ball, and behind me, Tommy – my younger brother – was waiting with his ninja turtle to come and attack the scene, by my cue, of course.

Just as my fake Cinderella was giving her gown a twirl, a thumping sounded from behind me.

Without looking up from my toys, I called over my shoulder, “Tommy, cut it out or so help me I’ll take Dontello and flush him down the toilet.”

“But Annie,” Tommy whined, “I swear to you that it wasn’t me!”

I rolled my eyes. He was such a liar. But as long as he didn’t do it again…

The thumping came again. Fed up, I spun towards him, temper flaring. I glared at him with all the menace a seven year old could muster. “I said stop it.”

Tommy was whimpering. I may or may not have flushed Leonardo down the toilet and made Mom very unhappy. He was such a sniveler, anyways.

I expectantly held out my hand. Tommy started to shake his head. Then came the thumping again. But if Tommy was right in front of me, then how…

“Tommy, how are you doing that?”

“What, Annie? I’m not doing anything.”

“Shut up,” I hiss.

It goes again. It’s coming from the wooden paneling from behind Tommy. He doesn’t seem to notice a thing, though.

My heart pounds. I shouldn’t have snuck in and hid behind the couch last night and watched that Halloween movie last night with Mommy, Daddy, and Katrina.

Tommy was looking at me funny, now. I couldn’t show him fear, otherwise he’d never listen to me again. And then how would I play Princesses and Ninjas?

When there’s another thump, I jump. It’s slow and deliberate.


I want to tell him to go upstairs, but I’m too scared. Maybe that makes me selfish, but I don’t care. It’s time to buck-up and see what lies beyond.

Creeping towards the storage room door at the bottom of the stairs, I motion for Tommy to shut up his now-blabbering mouth and to follow in the footsteps of his ninja idols, not that he’s seen a Ninja Turtle movie in his life.

Slowly turning the knob and creaking the door open, I quickly flip on the light switch. Light floods the room, and I squeal from a giant spider scuttling across the hard floor.

“Annie? What are you doing? Are you still mad at Dontello?” At least the poor child is being quieter now.

Scanning the room proves nothing of use, so now I have to resort to good old fashioned methods. Searching.

After I offer my brother up, of course.

I’m just starting to push Tommy ahead of me, when there’s the thumping. It’s echoing in here, now. I jump.

“Annie, you’re scaring me.”

And something’s scaring me. But I don’t want to voice that aloud.

While carting Tommy in front of me, I constantly look over my shoulder. The sound has stopped. For now, at least. It had come from the far end of the room – right on the other side where Tommy and I had been playing – and where Daddy’s water tank things were.

With a final shove in that direction, Tommy stumbles into the tank, and starts holding his nose and crying. Not really caring, I dare to peek around the tank.ee2923ef71edc954d9a127b9e693bbcc

My eyes widen upon seeing a boy – not much older than Katrina’s thirteen – crouched behind the tank. His one fist – his pounding first – is covered in red liquid. Tommy looks right at him and doesn’t see him.

The strange boy’s eyes cut to Tommy, then back to me. He raises and finger to his lips, and shushes me. Then disappears.

I scream.

Also, I think that it’s too late now, but I was going to tell you all that one of the best books in the world – Twinepathy by C.B. Cook – was only 99 cents for Cyborg Monday, but I think that it’s over now … But I STILL recommend the book to you wholeheartedly!!!!

Hehe, so, I hope that you guys enjoyed that! It’s something a little different from my normal, so, yeah. What’d you guys think? Do you like when I do short stories? Do you have an answer to my BR conundrum or have a short story idea? Let me know in the comments down below, I love hearing from you all!