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December 2016

Them ~~ A Short Story

Today, guys, I'm writing a short (really short) story based on a dialogue prompt. I hope that you enjoy, and please comment! I've seen them - the monsters. They're there, waiting to attack once your back is turned. None have... Continue Reading →

Sorry Guys…

Hey!! Um, so, yeah. *scratches head nervously* Sorry for disappearing on you like that. I see that *goes and looks it up* it's been just about two weeks that I last posted. Oops. And I hate to say it, but... Continue Reading →

Double Catch-Up Post!! (Broken Reflections #17 + #18!!!)

Hey peeps! Today I'm doing a double BR post, since I missed last Friday (sorry!), so this might be a kind of long post... Anyways, let's get started! New? Or do you just want to catch up? Maybe reminisce on... Continue Reading →

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