Hey!! Um, so, yeah. *scratches head nervously*

200_sSorry for disappearing on you like that. I see that *goes and looks it up* it’s been just about two weeks that I last posted. Oops.

And I hate to say it, but for the rest of December I probably won’t post a whole bunch (though maybe I will … maybe I’ll surprise you AND myself).

But I will be nice and tell you my reasonings as to why I’ve disappeared. (Though maybe it’s not nice once you find out why I’ve ditched you guys … But whatever, you know? *gulps*)

So I’ll say my first excuse: School and Sleep and My Stupid Reasoning. Okay, so I love to do school, and I do it for a decent bit during the day. 😉 #2 is that I haven’t been able to sleep, so I’ve been taking a lot of naps (or quite/down time with just me and Pentatonix). Lastly, I only use the internet (other than school…) three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – because I’m odd. So I don’t have a whole lot of time to write a post. (What – I should pre-write posts?? Plan stuff out?? Pfft. I’m a pantser through and through.)

Peter Petrelli ❤

Secondly/Fourthly: I have a new obsession. No, it’s not a book. Yes, it’s a TV show. *cue the boo-ing bookworms* Sorry, guys. It’s a show called Heroes that was popular way back
when. (Ahem. Nine years ago was the first season.) And I’ve kind of been binge-watching it – something that’s quite impressive for me.

Anyways, that’s it, guys! Hopefully I’ll be back more consistently in January!

So have you guys missed me?? Do YOU ever binge-watch shows??? And most importantly – Have you watched Heroes????? Please tell me in the comments below! I’ve missed you all! ❤