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January 2017

Superpowers Continued ~ BR

I'm real original with titles, am I right? Ha. As IF. Anyways, sorry, but I thought that on Friday night I had posted this. Buuuut apparently not. And I did not see that until this afternoon. Well great. Anyways, this... Continue Reading →

Powers Revealed ~ Broken Reflections #20 ~ OH MY GOODNESS

Hello, meu amigos! I am back with the TWENTIETH part of Broken Reflections! Good gracious, that's a lot! (New? Want to catch up? Click HERE to read the rest of the parts!! Also, if you wanted to start at this... Continue Reading →

Not the most original, but…

Sorry, friends, no Broken Reflections today! I was going to ... promise ... but I know that a lot of my followers don't read it, so I'm giving you another stand-alone story! (Not exactly a short story...) Back when Rooglewood... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Books (A.K.A. Ramblings on My Writing)

I'm back with another Beautiful Books!!! This is TECHNICALLY suppose to be on editing your first drafts, but I haven't gotten there yet, so I'm just kind of rambling about my different novels. I hope that you all enjoy! (And... Continue Reading →

Broken Reflections #19 (It’s Finally Back!)

Guys!! It's back!!! After SUCH a long break, you can finally huggle Sawyer again!! And, I must say, as I was pre-reading this, it was SO nice being back into the story. I really missed it. ❤ Anyways. Enjoy, and... Continue Reading →

The Good Life

Sorry guys! I was fully planning on posting Broken Reflections today ... but ... yeah. Anyways. While just laying around this evening after school, this idea shot to my mind, so I sat down and wrote it. I was planning... Continue Reading →

We’re Surrounded ~~ Short Story (since apparently you all liked my last one)

Apparently you all liked my last short story, and I rather enjoyed watching it, so today I'm writing another one! I hope that you like it! It's a little different of a story ... but still fun, nevertheless. 🙂 Jessamine... Continue Reading →

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